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Emirates ID card Image Credit: Clint Egbert/Gulf News

Dubai: If you have delayed the renewal of your Emirates ID, you maybe exempted from fines or penalties, according to an online post by the Federal Authority for Identity, Citizenship, Customs and Ports Security (ICP) on Tuesday, September 4. 

Seven types of Emirates ID fines 

ICP has provided a list of administrative fines on its official website, which include fines related to the Emirates ID as well as services related to residency and foreigners’ affairs.

Here are some of the fines that are included on the list published by ICP:

1. Delay in registration and issuance of an ID card - Dh20 for each day of delay, with a maximum of Dh1,000.
2. Delay in renewing the identity card after 30 days from the date of its expiry date - Dh20 for each day of delay, with a maximum of Dh1,000.
3. When the service recipient provides incorrect data - Dh3,000
4. Inaccuracy in typing the application by system users – Dh100
5. Obstructing employees’ work or failing to cooperate with them – Dh5,000
6. Issuing visas or entry permits for an establishment that does not carry out any activity – Dh20,000
7. Misusing the system - Dh5,000

Can I apply for exemption from Emirates ID related fines?

The ICP also provides Emirates ID holders with the ability to request for fines to be waived, in case they were unable to renew it or get it issued within the stipulated timeframe. However, to be eligible to apply for an exemption, applicants must fulfill certain conditions:

• The resident must have lived outside the UAE for more than three months, or a resident whose residency expired while abroad or whose ID card validity expired after he/she departed from the UAE – they must provide a travel document to prove this.
• ID card validity expired while abroad as a result of an executive or judicial decree or whose passport is detained in a case or due to its renewal – they need to furnish an official letter from relevant authorities.
• A person bed-ridden or suffering from a contagious disease or partial or full disability – they must provide a medical certificate issued by medical authorities.
• The staff of diplomatic or consular missions in the country and those under their care.
• Elderly people above the age of 70 who are unable to visit the customer services centres – they must furnish passport or birth certificate proving their age.
• Delays in the registration or issuance of an ID card on account of errors of documentation or due to the Emirates ID’s systems or one of its staff members or typing offices assigned by it.

For a detailed guide on how you can apply for an exemption from Emirates ID fines, click here.

- With inputs from Tawfiq Nasrallah, Senior News Editor