While taxi passengers have several rights in terms of being treated fairly and expecting a good standard of transport, they also have some responsibilities. Picture used for illustrative purposes only. Image Credit: Shutterstock

Dubai: If you are stepping into a taxi in Dubai, you can expect it to be well maintained and clean, and the driver to treat you with courtesy. These rights are part of the complete list of rights and responsibilities of taxi passengers, issued by the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) in Dubai, and published on their official website.

In a post recently shared on their social media accounts, RTA encouraged public transport users to know their rights and responsibilities in order to ensure that their trip is smooth and comfortable.

While taxi passengers have several rights in terms of being treated fairly and expecting a good standard of transport, they also have some responsibilities. These include treating the driver with respect, not forcing him or her to break any laws, like asking them to drive over the speed limit or to stop the taxi at abrupt, non-designated places.

Here is the complete list of the rights and responsibilities you should keep in mind when you travel via a taxi in Dubai.

Taxi passenger's rights


• No discrimination on the grounds of nationality, religion, gender, race, disability and any other [ground].
• Passengers should be treated with dignity by the driver/RTA staff during the travel, inspection, customer care service.

Route choice

• Passenger can specify the most practical route to be taken to reach the stated destination.
• If the passenger does not specify a route, the taxi driver should take the most direct, practicable route available.


• Passenger can expect that the driver can speak and understand directions communicated in English or Arabic.


• Passenger can submit complaints/suggestions through the following channels - telephone, e-mail, web portal and the mobile application within 30 days from the date of travel/incident.

How to contact RTA
Call Centre agents 24/7: 800 90 90
Overseas callers 24/7: +971 4 605 1414


• Passenger can request the driver to assist him/her in placing luggage or packages in and out of the taxi.

Visibility of taximeter

• The taximeter must be in clear view and show the fare to be paid by the passenger.

Trip information

• On request, the passenger can get an electronic/paper bill for his/her trip.
• Trip fare charter must be disclosed inside the taxi.

Cleanliness and safety

• Passenger can expect the taxi to be clean and tidy.
• Passenger can expect an achievable safety standard when involved with transport activities and services.
• Passenger can expect that the driver is well groomed, presenting a neat and clean appearance.
• A driver who is safe and courteous and obeys all traffic laws

Refuse to multiple hiring

• Passengers who have hired a taxi are entitled to exclusive use of the taxi for the course of their trip.

Mode of payment

• The passenger can pay his/her ride fare with by Cash/Debit Card/Credit Card/NoL/e-payment.


• The passenger has the right to not share his/her personal information.

Taxi passenger's responsibilities

• Inform the intended destination clearly to the driver before starting the journey.
• Treat taxi drivers with respect.
• Do not engage in any political or controversial conversation with drivers.
• Passengers are not permitted to eat and smoke inside the taxi.
• Do not insist on the driver driving beyond the permitted speed limit.
• Do not request the drivers to stop the vehicle in prohibited areas or at abrupt locations.
• Always ask for a payment receipt at the end of the journey.
• Respect rules and laws of the country and avoid passing comments and giving irresponsible statements against the country.
• Respect the culture and heritage of the country.