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Dubai: Have you recently moved to Saudi Arabia and have received your driving licence? Or are you visiting the country from the UAE? If so, it is important to keep in mind the official list of traffic fines in Saudi Arabia, to make sure you do not violate any road rules.

Traffic fines in Saudi Arabia are categorised according to the type of violation, and breaking one of these rules can lead to fines of up to SR60,000. In some serious cases, the motorist can also be imprisoned.

Here is the official list of traffic fines, as per the General Department of Traffic under the Saudi Ministry of Interior.

1 - Fines not less than SR500 (Dh488) and not more than SR900 (Dh879)

1. Driving a vehicle without a driving licence.

2. Driving a vehicle without back [number] plate (vehicle will be kept in custody until settlement of violation).

3. Driving in the opposite direction.

4. Moving fast, recklessly between vehicles on public roads.

5. Exceeding the speed limit by more than 25 km/h.

6. Overtaking vehicles on curves and uphill.

7. Uncovering, untying transported loads.

8. Not stopping completely at the stop signal.

9. Not stopping at the signal for ‘driving priority ahead’ if there are vehicles moving on a priority road.

10. Not giving priority to vehicles moving on the right side when they reach an intersection where there are equal movement priorities (when there are no priority signals).

11. Not giving priority of movement for vehicles on the main road if there no priority signals.

What is the priority of movement?
According to a tweet by the official Twitter account of the General Department of Traffic under the Saudi Ministry of Interior: At the intersections where the traffic priority is equal and when there are no priority signs, the vehicle coming from the right has the priority of traffic.

12. Violating hand signals of traffic police organising traffic [movement] and not giving his hand signals priority over traffic lights.

13. Not giving priority of movement to vehicles at a roundabout by the vehicles outside it in the absence of lights, signals or traffic policeman organising traffic [movement].

14. Endangering lives by driving a vehicle without breaks or necessary equipment (vehicle will be kept in custody until settlement of violation).

15. Not using necessary lights at night or while driving in bad weather conditions.

16. Driving vehicle inside tunnels without lights.

2 - Fines not less than SR300 (Dh293) and not more than SR500 (Dh488)

1. Making additional modifications to vehicle's body without following proper procedures (vehicle will be kept in custody until settlement of violation).

2. Driving a vehicle that pollutes environment on public roads (vehicle will be kept in custody until violation is settled).

3. Exceeding the speed limit by not more than 25 km/h.

4. Not complying with traffic regulations at roads intersections.

5. Using vehicle for unlicenced purposes.

6. Seating passengers in the vehicle in places other than those specified for them.

7. Not complying with road-limits marked on the lanes.

8. Leaving objects on public roads that endanger public safety.

9. Not allowing movement priority for VIP or emergency vehicles.

10. Using an expired licence.

3 - Fines not less than SR150 (Dh146) and not more than SR300 (Dh293)

1. Not equipping trailers as required by regulations.

2. Not presenting vehicle for periodic technical inspection.

3. Infringing rules by using strong lights.

4. Not following precautions required when parking on public roads in emergencies.

5. Putting bars inside the vehicle that block the driver’s vision.

6. Driving without carrying the driving licence or vehicle registration licence.

7. Leaving the vehicle on a slope without taking necessary precautions.

8. Violating rules for driving on roads.

9. Not wearing seatbelts.

10. Not using safety seats meant for children.

11. Defying priority rules.

12. Using cell phone while driving.

13. Misusing vehicle's horn.

14. Driving in lanes not intended for driving.

15. When animal owners do not keep their animals away from the road.

4 - Fines not less than SR100 (Dh97) and not more than SR150 (Dh146)

1. Leaving vehicles on public roads in unauthorised areas, unnecessarily.

2. Throwing any object outside the vehicle while it is moving.

3. Driving a vehicle without front [number] plate.

4. Getting off a vehicle or riding into a vehicle while it is moving.

5. Pedestrians crossing roads from places other than those allocated for them.

6. Pedestrians’ non-compliance with signals meant for them.

7. Driving slowly or slowing down in a manner that impedes smooth flow of traffic.

8. Parking in places not specified for parking.

9. Parking in places defined for persons with special needs, if you are not from that category.

10. Not focusing on the road while driving.

11. Absence of an insurance policy.

5 - Fines not less than SR1,000 (Dh977) and not more than SR2,000 (Dh1,955)

1. Stopping on railway tracks.

2. Carrying more passengers than the number stipulated in the licence.

3. Refusing to present driver's or vehicle's identity papers when required by authorised persons.

4. Not preserving vehicle's plates number.

5. Non-completion of transfer of vehicle ownership.

6. Non-completion of vehicle use domain.

7. Exceeding time limits set for exporting a vehicle prepared for export.

8. Not wearing a helmet when riding a motorbike.

6 - Fines not less than SR3,000 (Dh2,933) and not more than SR6,000 (Dh5,866)

1. Driving a vehicle without number plates (vehicle will be kept in custody until settlement of violation).

2. Using forged registration plates (vehicle will be taken into custody until removal of violation).

3. Using illegal plates (vehicle will be kept in custody until settlement of violation).

4. Fixing equipment on the vehicle similar to those used in official and emergency vehicles (vehicle will be kept in custody until violation is settled).

5. Not stopping while the red traffic light was on.

6. Overtaking school buses when they stop to load or unload.

7. Driving industrial, constructional, or agricultural vehicles on the road without taking proper precautions to avoid their negative effects. The vehicle will be kept in custody until violation is settled.

8. Tampering with signs put up for regulating traffic.

9. Not stopping at check points, when there is a check point sign.

10. Using unauthorised devices inside the vehicle or fixing logos or posters contrary to public morals.

7 - Fines not less than SR5,000 (Dh4,888) and not more than SR10,000 (Dh9,777)

1. Concealing or trying to conceal or blur the special features of a vehicle (vehicle will be kept in custody until violation is settled).

2. Driving under the influence of alcohol, drugs or medicines which warn the person against driving after taking them.

3. Carrying out road-works without notifying the relevant authorities.

4. The driver does not stay at the accident scene, does not report the accident and does not provide the necessary assistance to the accident victims. [Hit and run] – this violation will lead to a fine not more than SR10,000, and/or jail sentence for a period not exceeding three months or both penalties.

8 - Drifting violation

First time: Vehicle will be booked for 15 days. The violator will be fined SR20,000 (Dh19,555) and referred to court and may face jail time.

Second time: Vehicle will be booked for one month; the violator will be fined SR40,000 (Dh39,110)and referred to court and may face jail time.

Third time: Violator will be fined SR60,000 (Dh58,665) and referred to court to decide on confiscating the vehicle or fining the motorist the same value of the rented or stolen vehicle and jail him.