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Dubai: Doctors and healthcare providers in the UAE are obligated to report to the relevant authorities if they suspect that the case of a death or injury may be suspicious or as a result of a crime. If not, they can be sentenced to up to a year’s jail term and/or a fine of not less than Dh20,000.

The UAE Public Prosecution has raised awareness on Article 273 of the UAE Law No. 3 (1987) Federal Penal Code through its official social media channels, which stipulates this penalty for failure to report such injuries or deaths.

According to Article 273 of the Federal Penal Code, anyone who, during practice of his medical or health profession, examines a corpse or gives first aid to a seriously injured person, and the body carries marks indicating that his death or injury was caused by a crime, or if it appears from other circumstances that the cause of death or injury is suspicious and he fails to inform the authorities thereof, shall be punished by detention for at least one year and by a fine of at least Dh20,000, or by either one of these two penalties.

The UAE Penal Code emphasises on the importance of reporting any criminal activity to the relevant authorities. For example, Article 274 of the UAE Law No. 3 (1987) Federal Penal Code stipulates that a person who fails to report a criminal offence is liable to prosecution.