Dubai Safari 2
File photo of visitors in masks dancing with a band during a parade to on the last day of the previous season of Dubai Safari Park on May 31, 2021. Image Credit: Virendra Saklani/Gulf News

Dubai Safari is back! Starting on September 27, the new season of Dubai Safari will allow visitors to not only see over 100 newborns of different animal species, but also enjoy watching new animals that have been introduced this season – the squirrel monkey, the Arabian wolf, and the northern white-cheeked gibbon.

Overall, Dubai Safari Park is home to around 3,000 animals, living on the 119-hectare site.

Why was Dubai Safari Park closed for some months?

The park closed its doors to visitors on May 31, 2021, to protect its animals from any health risks due to the high summer temperatures and upgrade its facilities to further enhance visitor experience.

The temporary closure of the facility was primarily aimed at preventing the summer heat from affecting the health of animals, as part of the Park’s animal welfare practices. During this period, climate-controlled enclosures in the Park allowed animals to live in comfortable environments close to their natural habitats.

How can I reach Dubai Safari Park?

The Dubai Safari Park is located in the Al Warqa 4 district, off E44, Ras Al Khor Road. To reach the park, you would need to first take E311 – Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road – and take Exit 52. The exit will be number 52, regardless of whether you are coming from the direction of Sharjah or Abu Dhabi. The exit will take you towards Dragon Mart, which will fall on your right. Follow directions for Dubai Safari Park, which will fall on the left side of the road. Take a u-turn from the first roundabout to reach Dubai Safari Park, which will then be on your right.

Dubai Safari Park map
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What you can expect

Spanning over 119-hectares – or around 166 football fields – you can’t possible expect to cover the entire Safari on foot. This is why the park provides the service of a tram, that take visitors from one enclosure to the other.

At the entrance, you will be asked to present your tickets, which need to be purchased online (details below).

You can then enter the Dubai Safari Park and hop on to the tram to go from one enclosure to the other.

The different enclosures at Dubai Safari Park are:

Kids’ Farm

The first stop is the Kids’ Farm, where children can meet familiar farm species at the petting zoo. The animals include cows, sheep, goats, ducks, chickens, donkeys and ponies amongst others.

Arabian Desert Safari

Next, at the Arabian Desert Safari you will have a drive-through experience, where you will be able to spot animals like the Arabian wolf, Arabian Oryx, Arabian gazelle, Sand gazelle, Mountain gazelle and the Scimitar-horned Oryx.

Asian Village

Next, is the Asian Village, where you will be able to walk through an enclosure giving you glimpses of all the wildlife that the Asian continent has to offer. From the moon bear to the gibbon, mandarin duck and the southern cassowary – a large, flightless black bird.

Explorer Village

The main attraction of the Dubai Safari is the Safari Village drive through, where you will be able to take a bus tour and spot animals like the cheetah, tiger, hippo, giraffe, baboon, impala, zebra, rhino and brown lion.

African Village

The ‘hero animal’ of this enclosure is the African Elephant, which is the world’s largest land mammal. However, you will also be able to enjoy spotting other majestic animals from the African continent, like the white lion, peacock, gorilla and cheetah. This enclosure also has a reptile house – with over 50 species of reptiles – and The Grand Aviary, which offers several options for birdwatching.

The Wadi

The Wadi, or valley in Arabic, is aptly named, as it gives visitors the chance to sit back and relax during their trip. The area has several eateries, with the option to sit by a river, observe ducks, peacocks, swans and pelicans and even catch a ‘Birds of Prey’ show.

What is the cost of Dubai Safari Park tickets?

There are various packages offered by Dubai Safari Park, based on what the visitors would like to do.

Park Entrance Ticket

With this ticket, you can enter the following areas: Al Wadi, African Village, Arabian Desert Safari, Asian Village, Kids’ Farm and Explorer Village.

Ticket costs:

Dh50 for adults

Dh20 for children (above the age of three years)

Children under the age of three and people of determination can enter for free.

Park Entrance Ticket Plus

With this ticket, you can enter the following areas: Al Wadi, African Village, Arabian Desert Safari, Asian Village, Kids’ Farm and Explorer Village. Also, you would get a reserved seat at live shows and for the train service.

Ticket costs:

Dh75 for adults

Dh45 for children (above the age of three years)

Children under the age of three and people of determination can enter for free.

Night Pass

With this ticket, you will be able to visit the park premises, eat at the outlets available and enjoy the weather. However, the animals would not be available for viewing.

Ticket cost: Dh10

How do I buy the tickets?

The tickets can be purchased online at

Once you purchase the tickets, you will receive a QR code via email, which you can present at the entrance.

What are the Dubai Safari Park timings?

Every day

9am to 5pm

Night operation

Sunday to Thursday from 6 PM to 10 PM (last entry at the main gates at 9 PM)

Friday and Saturday from 6 PM to 12 AM (last entry at the main gates at 11 PM)

[During the night visit, you will not be able to see the animals]