Taking off your face mask
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Dubai: With the UAE continuously keeping up its fight against the spread of the new coronavirus, authorities have urged residents to take all the necessary preventative measures to play their part in keeping the UAE’s community safe.

A Gulf News reader wrote in, concerned about a COVID-19 related violation in her locality. She wrote: “I would like to ask Gulf News about where and to whom I can complain about COVID-19 violations. One of the neighbours in my building refuses to wear a mask. She has been told many times by the building management to wear one, but to no avail. Please let me know where can I report this?”

The UAE’s authorities have made it compulsory for individuals to always wear a face mask when outdoors and maintain a social distance of at least two metres from others as a precaution against COVID-19.

Be the 'Police eye'

On January 31, the Dubai Police General Command issued a statement encouraging all members of the community to report any violations of COVID-19 precautionary measures through Dubai Police’s Call Centre - 901 - or via the ‘Police Eye’ service, which is available on Dubai Police's smartphone application - Dubai Police - available for Apple and Android phones. It also urged members of the community to strictly adhere to the precautionary measures against COVID-19.


the Dubai Police call centre where you can call in to report COVID-19 violations.

Al Aman Service

On January 25, the Abu Dhabi Media Office shared a message through its social media channels, providing community members with the option to anonymously report COVID-19 related violations.

The post read: “To unite efforts to curb the spread of COVID-19, Abu Dhabi Police encourages the community to cooperate to protect public health and anonymously report any violations of precautionary measures by contacting the Aman service …”

You can send an anonymous tip-off to Al Aman service through the following channels

• Toll-free number 800 2626

• SMS 2828

• Email: aman@adpolice.gov.ae.


Toll-free number for Abu Dhabi Police's Al Aman Service, where you can report COVID-19 violations.

How to report COVID-19 related violation in the UAE

For any violation across the UAE, you can also use the Ministry of Interior’s smartphone application. Here is how you can submit the tip-off:

Step 1: Register with the MOI smartphone application. You will need to register using your Emirates ID or through the UAE PASS.

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Step 2: To submit a new criminal incident request, choose the service icon which is available in the police services category – Smart police station services section.

Step 3: A list of all previous incidents will appear. To create and submit a new request, click on the ADD icon.

Step 4: Accept service terms and conditions to be able to access the service.

Step 5: Move the pin on the map to locate the incident location then click on NEXT button.

Step 6: Select the reporting method (writing, voice recording, video recording or taking a photo).

Step 7: Enter incidents details, attach any evidence you may have, then click on the “Submit” button.

Reporting violations by companies in Dubai

The Dubai Economic Department (DED) has been issuing warning and fines, and even closing down establishments in the case of more serious violations, to protect consumers in the emirate. Any non-compliance can be reported to Dubai Economic Department through the Dubai Consumer app, by calling 600 545555 or on the website consumerrights.ae

1. Download the Dubai Consumer app available on the Apple, Google, and Huawei stores.

2. Select the option for ‘Consumer complaint’.

3. Choose the option to ‘comment’.

4. Fill in your details, like your full name and mobile number.

5. You can then add details of the violation you noticed. The app also give you the option to upload any images that you would like to add.

6. Click Submit.

How to dispute a COVID-19 related fine

On the other hand, if you have been issued a fine related to COVID-19 violations, and would like to file a dispute, you can do so as well, by approaching the UAE’s Public Prosecution.

The service is free of charge, but you would be required to file the dispute within 15 days of receiving the ticket. Read our detailed guide here.