Almost three quarters of UAE workers feel they enjoy a healthy work-life balance thanks to the support and opportunities provided by their employers. That is based on over 1000 respondents in a recent YouGov finding from a survey undertaken by leading global health insurance provider, Aetna International.

Over a third (34 per cent) of employees believe their workplace encourages innovation and creativity, with the same percentage stating that their place of employment promotes diversity, teambuilding and engaging activities. When it comes to loyalty to their workplace, 40 per cent said their line manager is the main driver while 38 per cent stated the brand reputation of the company it works for is the main reason.

Asked if they would be more likely to lead a healthier lifestyle if they were incentivised by an employer, almost half 47 per cent said they would welcome flexible working hours and 39 per cent said working from home at least a few times a month would allow them to have a healthy work-life balance. 

Interestingly, 46 per cent of men as opposed to 35 per cent of women said that offering a longer maternity leave would provide a healthy balance, and over half of women 52 per cent said that being given a special day off work 52 per cent to celebrate a birthday or special event would be a key incentive.  

Aetna International’s CEO for EMEA, David Healy, said: In line with the Government’s vision to make Dubai the happiest city on earth, it is clear that a large majority of UAE workers feel they are striking the right balance between work and health. It is reassuring to know that employers take the health of those working for them seriously and that overall, there are processes in place to offer support, guidance and career opportunities for staff.

“These findings are timely as May is the month widely recognised for shedding light on the importance of mental and emotional health, and at Aetna, this is an illness that we take very seriously. Our overarching goal is to build a healthier world that focuses on prevention first and therefore the crucial role of an employer in supporting the health and wellbeing of its staff should never be underestimated.”