Gulf News staff writers caught up with a cross-section of men and asked them about their role models. Here are some responses...

As told to Shikha Mishra:

- My dad is my role model and is somebody I emulate. He is a doctor who sees patients, a lot of times for free, even though he has now retired from active practice. This is the continuation of a pattern from before he retired. He was, and is, a great father who took time out from his very busy schedule to guide me through my growing years. He engenders this feeling of calmness and control, which is very apt for a doctor.
- Sanjay Roy, Indian, structural engineer, Fujairah

- For my male role model I would vote for Nandan Nilekani, the current head of the Indian software giant Infosys. His pedigree is beyond compare, and starts with his being an alumnus of India's premier educational institution - the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT). He is one of the co-founders of Infosys; his vision has helped it reach its current global leadership position and promises to take it even further. What is especially appealing about the man is a lesser known fact, that he was once the head of the now defunct Bangalore Action Task Force (BATF) - an organisation that brought together visionaries from both the government and the corporate world in an attempt to make the city of Bangalore a better place to live and work in. The fact that he was selflessly willing to spare the time and effort in a task that brought him no remuneration and limited additional recognition, places him away from other merely corporate success driven CEOs.
- Eldo K. Scaria, Indian, research manager, ACNielsen, Sharjah

As told to Neesha C. Salian:

- My father is my role model. I admire the way he provided for and watched over our family. He has always been there for us through our good and bad times especially when my brother died. I was 15 then and it was a difficult period for me. He helped me deal with my grief and motivated me to be more optimistic about things. I couldn't have made it without him. He's always taught me to be good and respect people of all nationalities. He also insisted that I become independent and do what I believe is right not just for me but also for those around me.

The other person I admire is De Villete, who was the general manager at the hotel I worked for in London for eight years. I was very young when I was promoted to a management position in the hotel but he believed in me and was very supportive. He, in fact, taught me everything I know about the hotel industry. He was strict and impartial and never compromised on quality and service. He pushed me to do well and is like a second father to me. I have tried to follow his lead and, in time, I hope to be more like him.
- Claude Dubois, French, Director – Food and Beverage, Taj Palace Hotel, Dubai

- There are two types of people on earth - those who wait for life to happen to them and those who make life happen for them. My father belongs to the latter group, which is why he is my role model and idol. I really look up to him because of his determination, zest for life and positive attitude even in the face of trials and tribulations. He went through some tough phases but it hasn't dulled his enthusiasm for life. One particular incident that comes to mind is the time when he was working as a manager for a copper factory. The workers in the factory went on strike but my father and a few employees worked round-the-clock to ensure that production did not suffer. His loyalty and efforts even helped bring the striking workers back to work eventually. I have tried to emulate his traits especially those such as loyalty and the ability to deal with people.

I also admire my mentor and a fellow insurance professional Ashwani Goel. He taught me how to develop relationships with clients based on trust - an important trait in the world of insurance. He, unlike many in our business, explained the fine print to his clients. He was always honest with his clients to the point that they felt secure in their dealings with him. He was and remains a class act.
- Shantanu Banerjee, Indian, insurance professional

As told to Esha Nag:

- My role model is the Indian actor Shah Rukh Khan. I think he is the world's best entertainer and an absolute charmer. His films have inspired me to enrol in an acting school.

If I can develop even half of his talents, I think I will have achieved everything in life.
- Rafique Ahmed, Emirati, student