Jared, Nathan, Caleb and Matthew Followill, aka Kings Of Leon, arrived at Dubai Airport in the early hours of Tuesday morning ahead of their concert at Atlantis on May 28, 2014. Image Credit:

Ready for a royally good time?

The Kings of Leon are finally here, preparing to make their triumphant return to the UAE stage. The Nashville foursome are slated to play Atlantis, the Palm during Live @ Atlantis on Wednesday evening, which will mark the second time the brothers Nathan, Caleb, Jared — and cousin Matthew — Followill have performed in the country.

The first time around, they were part of the inaugural Abu Dhabi Formula 1 in 2009. And in November of last year, they even zoomed by for a quick stop between shows in North America, Europe and Australia, causing a mini frenzy among regional fans when bassist Jared tweeted: “Nashville-NY-London-Amsterdam-London-Dubai-Sydney-LA-Nashville. Around the world in 2 weeks.”

Yes, it was a disappointment to know that it didn’t mean a surprise pop-up show in our neck of the woods, but Wednesday night’s festivities are sure to make up for it.

To make things official, Jared posted an Instagram photo of his feet propped up in first class with the caption “Next stop, Dubai!” on Monday evening, indicating their journey from Scotland to the UAE — typically no more than eight hours — had begun. And this time, we know they’re ready to play.