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It’s not common for a skincare brand to be strict about who they sell their products to — and France’s Biologique Recherche is one of them. There are just a handful of salons in Dubai that are authorised to use and sell their cult acid toners, serums, cleansers and creams.

When I was invited to try out a Biologique Recherche facial and a manicure at the newly opened Project Beauty salon on Al Wasl Road, it was like Christmas had come early, and my experience was truly a gift.

The salon is an oasis of calm — a departure from the busy road outside — complete with clean white interiors, touches of wood and greenery.

After filling out a form, I am escorted to the facial room, which is dimly lit and cosy. It’s so well decorated and comfortable that I would have loved to move in.

The aesthetician, who has been doing Biologique Recherche facials for four years, takes a close look at my skin and talks to me about my concerns. We quickly begin with the most luxurious facials I have ever experienced.

She uses a cream to take of any oil or dirt on my skin using comforting, massaging motions. She takes the cleanser all the way to my neck, chest, shoulders and some of my back. Her massage technique is unusual but very stimulating — there is gentle pinching, prodding and firm sweeping motions that gets the blood flowing.

Next up is a series of masks, serums and creams that I can hardly take note off because I doze of multiple times during the facial.

One thing that woke me up was the funky smelling serums. At one point, the aesthetician asks if I’m a vegetarian (I’m not), so she could apply a serum that smelled like a rich meat broth. She mentions that none of Biologique Recherche’s products contain any fragrance, hence what you smell is what you get. As long as my skin ends up looking amazing, I don’t mind.

After the treatment, I am ready to fall asleep, but I have the manicure to complete. #firstworldproblem, right?

Manicures and pedicures at Project Beauty are done using products and techniques by UK foot expert Margaret Dabbs, and are slightly more expensive that other nail salons. The process is very controlled and almost scientific, which is very unlike other nail salons.

The end result — very moisturised skin and perfectly done nails — is impressive, but isn’t all that different from any other nail salon. The products used are of a much higher quality than normal, and if that’s a priority for you then maybe it’s worth the extra money.

What I can say with confidence is that the facial is well worth the money. Initially, I did not see any visible difference in my skin, but over the next few days I felt different; my face was ultra hydrated and soft to the touch, and it felt more comfortable in every way. Do your face a favour and try it out.

The details

Biologique Recherche facials start at Dh700. Nail treatments start at Dh90.