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It is obvious! You change your bedding when faced with having to adopt uncomfortable sleeping positions because of your mattress, or if you suffer from persistent body aches as you get up in the morning. Or if your mattress is simply starting to be worn out or you just want to spoil yourself with a better and more comfortable sleep!

So then, is a soft firm or medium-firm mattress suitable for back pain? What is the amount of support given by your mattress to relieve back pain? These are some of the questions that need to be answered when choosing your mattress. There are other aspects that should be taken into consideration as well such as age and weight since the levels of the firm mattress that provide full-body support are most likely to be the best choice.

Tempur is an American-Danish brand, creating unique mattresses from materials made by Nasa to relieve the pressure on astronauts during takeoff! Tempur mattresses are considered anti-movement and among the best in the world. On her show, for instance globally renowned talk show host Oprah Winfrey once challenged audiences by setting a cup with liquid on the tip of a Tempur mattress, stating whoever jumped on the mattress and managed to spill the cup’s contents on it could have the mattress for free. Audience members took turns jumping on the mattress but failed to upset the cup.

The challenge proved the power Tempur had in relieving full-body pressure and reflecting zero sensation of partner movements. Its technique responds to body temperature and adapts to the body’s shape, while allowing the passage of blood and preventing numbness. Another benefit afforded by the brand is that it relieves muscles and back pressure, and is therefore considered suitable for people confined to bed or those with special needs, since it prevents bedsores. Tempur mattresses also provide the most comfortable sleeping experience, helping raise your healthy sleeping pattern. Tempur guarantees you a better night’s sleep.

Tempur offers a 10-year warranty on its range of mattresses. Shop at our stores today, enjoy a 30 per cent discount and get a valuable gift for Mother’s Day.

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