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Many studies have highlighted that exposure to chemicals in cleaning products increases the risk of disease in children, such as asthma and allergies. What makes SterilOx solution suitable for household use?

All the components used in the production of SterilOx are natural and scientifically-proven safe. The technology mimics the response of the human immune system against invasive microorganisms, and then kills bacteria, viruses, fungi, spores and mould with a proven 99.99 per cent effectiveness. At the same time, it is safe for eyes, skin, and our respiratory system. Even an accidental intake will not do any harm to the human body.

How does SterilOx work and how could it protect us from Covid-19 infections?

SterilOx is a product of an electrochemical activation of a water solution. It contains hypochlorous acid (HOCl) as an oxidant, which gives the solution its highly bactericidal properties.

When the agent comes into contact with a pathogen, a tiny electric charge destroys the microbial cell membrane and HOCl, as an oxidant, takes life from the positively charged organism, killing it within seconds.

SterilOx has been tested in one of a few laboratories around the world, conducting the efficacy test for coronavirus with 99.99 per cent effectiveness. Even when diluted at 50 per cent to 20 per cent water to Sterilox, the effectiveness remains high.

During the UAE’s recent lockdown period, SterilOx was a fundamental part of the national disinfection programme.

- Dmitry Anisimov, Partner and Business Development, SterilOx

Being so natural to the human immune system, SterilOx doesn’t weaken it unlike toxic disinfectants. Keeping the space around us clean and disinfected and the immune system strong with safe products like SterilOx is very effective protection against Covid-19.

This pandemic has changed how we clean and disinfect our homes and offices. From which sectors of the market are you primarily seeing demand for this product?

During the UAE’s recent lockdown period, SterilOx was a fundamental part of the national disinfection programme — primarily through our key customers in the facility management industry, which is by far the largest sector for us. However, due to the technology and the natural state of SterilOx, we are seeing interest as well as orders across sectors, from government offices to private companies, industrial, commercial and public places, education and retail.

Another large sector for SterilOx is within the transportation and hospitality sectors, where we are working with Al Arabia Taxi and Emaar hospitality to name a few.

Lastly, luxury retailers and textile companies trust SterilOx to disinfect their products due to some of the products’ core features — non-staining, non-corrosive and odourless.

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