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Psoriasis is not just a skin disease. It is an inflammatory systemic condition often associated with diabetes, heart disease, joint swelling, inflammatory bowel disease, depression or even cancer. 

On the skin psoriasis symptoms include raised, red, scaly patches predominantly on the outside of the elbows, knees or scalp. Some patients suffer from pain, described as itchy burning or pungent. 

Three to five per cent of the population suffer from this chronic disease. Psoriasis can be disabling, disfiguring and devastating. In all cases patients say the disease has a massive impact on their quality of life. The condition is a lifelong ailment, causing heavy economic burden and leading in many cases to a debilitating impact on patients’ professional lives and psychosocial functioning.

Thorough assessment of the patient and detection of every organ manifestation are crucial preconditions to develop an individual treatment plan. The specific treatment of the skin depends on the seriousness of the lesions and is individually tailored to each patient’s needs.

Treatment of Psoriasis

Topic treatment: Creams, ointments and coal tar

Light therapy (PUVA)

Medication therapy

Immune modulation, immune biologic therapy

Revolutionary changes could be achieved in the treatment of psoriasis, offering excellent control with improvement of the lesions by more than 90 per cent in many cases.

Dr Srikumar Goturu of Dr Joseph’s Polyclinic, Karama and his dedicated team of nurses and physicians have developed an outstanding programme for psoriasis and all modern elements of therapy, including immune therapy, are applied with much success. 

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