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Zohair Raza, CEO and Founder, Thomas Brissy, Tennis Director, Abbas Raza, COO Image Credit: Supplied

It’s hard to talk about PRO Tennis Academy without mentioning Zohair Raza, the company’s CEO and Founder. In his early 20s his professional tennis career took off. For over 15 years, his training took him across the world — from Europe and Asia to the Middle East and more. He was ranked Top 5 in Asia at the time, then a shoulder injury forced him to rethink his life and love of the game. He realised early on that coaching was the way to go. After completing his first coaching qualification, Zohair began working with kids, adults and athletes, where his background in sports came in handy.

PRO Tennis Academy was officially launched in 2020 as a one-off tennis training facility, but players wanted to take what they learned home with them. It was then that Zohair decided to develop a curriculum as a base for an academy so more people could experience the benefits of tennis in a more structured way. And that blossomed into the PRO Tennis Academy you see today: PRO kids programmes, themed tennis camps, extensive adult programmes and tournaments, all in the distinct style.

In the middle of 2021, Abbas Raza, Zohair’s elder brother entered PRO Tennis Academy as a shareholder bringing more than 16 years of tennis experience on board.

The game of tennis became a foundational piece for both brothers. During their training in Spain, they have been expertly tutored by world renowned coaches, including top coaches at the Barcelona International Tennis Academy. Growing up and now they continue to making an impact on the next generation of tennis players.

“Today, I am happy to be a part of the academy bringing the community together and engaging players in a meaningful way,” says Abbas Raza. “We are managing a team of coaches, motivating, training and disciplining our staff, providing regular feedback and support but also bringing our skills and experience in order to improve the quality of the tennis programmes and weekly tournaments.”

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