Maisa Fattal, CEO and Founder of Ibtisama Image Credit: Supplied

Share a brief history of Ibtisama Teeth Whitening — the company and its presence here in the UAE

The Ibtisama Teeth Whitening brand was established in the UAE in 2015. We were the first to implement this business concept in the country. Starting out with an embryonic kiosk inside a remote mall located in the emirate of Abu Dhabi, we have today four branches in Dubai and in Abu Dhabi, with business partners in the Middle East for the wider distribution of Ibtisama products.

Ibtisama is a pioneer in the business of teeth whitening. How did you come up with the different services that you offer?

Nowadays people are in a hurry and are short on time while at the mall. With that in mind, we propose to revamp their smile in a fast, easy, efficient, pain-free and budget-friendly way. We offer a wide range of teeth-whitening products to use at home and express services of cosmetic teeth whitening over-the-counter.

How does the teeth-whitening procedure work?

It’s as simple as having your hair done or your nails fixed. But in a shorter time with non-invasive materials and safe teeth-whitening gels.

We encourage people to find their self-confidence through a fresh smile while we break their thoughts of a dental painful, long and costly procedure that is in the collective consciousness.

Who are the clients the company caters to?

Ibtisama caters to the same proportion of male and female demographic, ranging from 18 to 50 years of age. The concept fits all budgets as the starting price for a white smile is as low as Dh160.

How do you keep up with the latest advances in this field?

We launch a new teeth-whitening product and add new service formulas every six months based on the latest trends worldwide in the market and the needs of the customers, who we listen to very closely.

Are there any plans for the company to expand in the region?

We have already expanded in Saudi Arabia with a visionary partner. We are now exploring Bahrain closely and many other countries in the Middle East. We are also partnering with local beauty centres that are willing to add Ibtisama Smile corners to their existing beauty services.

It’s interesting to note that you decided to put your law practice on hold to launch Ibtisama. What inspired you to do so?

This question makes me smile. I believe that someone who practised law as a barrister will always be a barrister but in other fields of that person’s life. The UAE offers lots of opportunities and chances for entrepreneurs and I’m honoured to be one of those who grabbed these opportunities to create added value in the cosmetic world and help people to feel more confidence about themselves.