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Every product of King Koil is created by paying great attention to details Image Credit: Supplied

It is okay to choose a mattress but it’s smart to choose a sleep solution that not only gives you sound sleep but also makes sure you wake up fresh and rejuvenated. It is critical to choose the right mattress as your sleep and health are totally dependant on it. With so many choices in the market, it is difficult to pick the right one. To ease your conundrum, King Koil mattresses are just about what you’re looking for.

One of the leading mattress brands in the region, King Koil products ensure your sleep is sound and healthy. Every sleep product is thoughtfully engineered and integrated with advanced and patented technologies to provide you the ultimate ‘during and post’ sleep experience.

Why you should choose King Koil

Every product of King Koil is created by paying great attention to details. Made from the finest and natural materials, blended with advanced technology, every mattress produced is engineered to offer you optimal comfort and support throughout your sleep.

Every King Koil mattress is integrated with various technologies such as Advanced Pressure Support (APS) system, Visco Foam Gel Laminate technology, Bio Cool Body Balance technology, iFusion technology, Smart Cushion Aero System technology, etc. Each of these technologies possesses unique benefits that will allow you to achieve an incredible sleep experience so that you wake up to a refreshed body and mind.

Why is it important to integrate mattresses with technology?

We’ve made a checklist for you to be assured on your investment in King Koil Mattresses:

* Visco Foam Gel Laminate technology provides a cooling and breathable surface for sleeping. This technology provides thermo-regulation and thus provides unchanging comfort throughout the night.

* Eco Rest Mattress that features horsehair is proven to have great hypoallergenic properties.

* Smart Cushion Aero System technology enhances airflow and provides a buoyant sleep surface to provide the ultimate sleep experience.

* Bio Cool Body Balance technology provides a cooler surface for sleeping and also helps to relieve stress, rejuvenate and regulate the body’s natural bio rhythm by improving intra-body communication.

* iFusion technology helps maintain an optimal temperature sleeping surface while conforming to every curve of the human body.

* Advanced Pressure Support System (APS) provides additional support to mid one third portion of the body for proper spinal alignment and thus reduces tossing and turning.

Not only are King Koil mattresses crafted from high-quality raw materials imported from Europe and the US, its high resilient mega foam, a German technology for manufacturing foam, minimises heat formation of the surface of the foam due to its open cell structure. Apart from this, the mattresses are highly eco-friendly and ergonomically designed, and free from harmful chemicals and toxins, guaranteeing you a healthy sleep experience.

So, what are you waiting for? Head to our nearest King Koil store and make a smart investment, not just in a product but a reliable and durable sleep solution.

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