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Between unending chores of keeping a home together and a precariously delicate work-life balance, we can often find ourselves sacrificing sleep in today’s age. But this doesn’t change the fact that our bodies still need proper sleep and reducing it can have severe health effects. So let’s take a look at how we can improve our life with sound sleep.

Taking the time to wake up

Some of us read to bed, some spend time with our loved ones, and a lot of us thumb through social media – we all take our time to fall asleep. Then why not take some time to wake up too?

Set the alarm for as late as your routines allow and try to let your natural sleep cycles wake you up. Waking up on your own depends on how well you sleep. And a full night’s rest comes only with a comfortable bed that helps you relax.

If you don’t trust your body, you could always explore a wake-up light that mimics the sun. And however tempting it is to hit snooze, use that time to laze in your bed and do some stretching exercises instead.

Transitioning into wakefulness

Waking up sets off complex reactions in your body, from changing of blood pressure, breathing rates, to brain patterns. So taking the time to gradually wake up and stretch can increase blood flow and improve your mood by preparing your body for the day.

Craft your perfect sleep zone

Pay careful attention to everything from the height of your bed, the firmness of your mattress and even the texture of your bedding. And you can trust Homes r Us to craft your ideal sleep zone with our wide range of high quality mattresses, bedsheets, comforters, duvets, pillow covers and more.