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For young couples, the first home is a significant shared milestone that can bring them closer. It marks the beginning of their lives together and is often one of their first big investments. The choices that young couples make while setting up their first homes are for the long term, as they build their lives as a unit. Each decision must be discussed, budgeted for, and tailored to their individual needs as a couple. This is usually a time that can bring couples closer as they overcome differences or discover similarities.

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Over the years, as one of the UAE’s leading home decor and furnishing brands, Homes r Us has been a go-to for those setting up their homes. Recognising the choices and the time and effort undertaken by young couples, the brand has gone one step further to provide the ideal solution for new homes - a dedicated range of furniture and furnishing designed specially for new homes.

In order to help new couples bring their vision of an ideal home to life without compromising each other’s tastes or choices, the brand offers the perfect solution with a wide range of affordable yet high-quality home furniture and furnishings.

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The new range consists of key pieces for the home — from living, and bedroom to dining and decor — in a variety of designs to suit varied tastes and cater to a wide range of essential needs. The entire range has a dedicated space across Homes r Us stores in the UAE, and can be accessed online on www.homesrus.ae/en/affordablygood or the Homes r Us mobile app.