Al Rawdah General Manager
Jeanette Kristensen Alhaider, General Manager, Al Rawdah Image Credit: Supplied

Eating a balanced diet, getting enough sleep and exercising daily are important for your overall health and wellness. It’s everything from our food to our activities to our mental health. It’s about learning to treat our bodies with kindness and respect and finding ways to make our lives simpler, less stressful, and happier!

Fresh chicken as immunity booster

Going forward, we need to find ways to boost our immune system as much as possible for our wellbeing. Healthy and fresh food provides key nutrients to support your immune system, to work efficiently and effectively. Studies show that protein is a determinant of your nutrition and immune system, so a protein-rich diet is a must for all.

Chicken is one of the best and most important sources of protein. It contains higher amounts of omega-6 fatty acids other than animal meats, and is high in protein and essential vitamins and minerals such as B6, B12, iron, zinc and copper. It’s widely available and easy to prepare and is good for your health. Chicken s lean meat, which means that it contains more protein and other essential vitamins. A 100g serving of chicken offers you 31g of protein. Chicken is also a good source of niacin (Vitamin B3), one of the essential vitamins required for lowering cholesterol levels and regulating blood sugar levels. A diet chart is always individualized and can vary from person to person.

Al Rawdah Farm is dedicated to bring only the best quality to our consumers and go out of our way to make sure this happens each and every day. Serving our customers with the best poultry products, has been a tradition at Al Rawdah for more than two decades. Moreover, Al Rawdah chickens are hormone free, antibiotic free and GMO Free. AL Rawdah Chickens are locally produced in Dubai and delivered fresh directly from farm to the major supermarkets and hypermarkets or directly to your home all over UAE.

ENF has recently introduced its Fresh Organic whole chicken and chicken parts which caters to the individuals who are focused on organic products. ENF is also proud to introduce a kids range of chilled organic processed products, such as organic mini mortadella, organic mini sausages and organic mini burger, which is one of its first kind in UAE, made from organic fresh chicken.

Our GM’s words

At the heart of Al Rawdah’ s values is our focus on hygiene and food safety. Since the opening of the farm, the Management has made sure that this focus penetrates through the whole organisation. As pioneers of poultry farming in the UAE, Al Rawdah is the largest producer of naturally fed fresh Chicken and high-quality processed meat products in UAE.

At Al Rawdah, we strive to keep producing new and innovative products. As our latest innovation, we have introduced the concept of E-number free products. We have developed a range of chicken products which is free of any food additives and are therefore a healthier option.

How Al Rawdah cares

As a market leader, Al Rawdah recognize that its operations have an impact on the community and the environment. Al Rawdah knows that it has an obligation not just to provide healthy and delicious food to the consumers’ tables but it must also embrace sustainable and ethical business practices to ensure that its operations can benefit the society as a whole and is safe to the environment.

Al Rawdah works by the key words, ‘Food Safety,’ Quality’ and ‘Environmental Responsibility’. It is sincerely committed to producing high-quality food while being mindful of the well-being of the animals, consumers and the environment.

Recognizing the trends and ever-changing consumer demands, Al Rawdah strives to provide the best food products to ensure that mealtime is quality time for consumers everywhere.

Al Rawdah is very conscious about its activities that might have an impact on the environment. As a zero-waste company, all the wastes are recycled (e.g waste water is treated and utilized as irrigation for the plants in the farm).