A patient receives botox treatment at the Long Island Plastic Surgical Group in Manhasset, New York. Image Credit: Reuters

Dubai: Botox injections are often the most in demand procedure for unwanted facial lines and wrinkles. But, residents who sweat excessively, are now seeing it as their new miracle cure

Sweating is a normal process of the body to regulate internal temperature. When a person’s body produces sweat four or five times more than normal, it is considered a medical condition called hyperhidrosis.

Hyperhidrosis affects roughly three per cent of the global population or at least 211 million people regardless of age, race, or gender, according to the International Hyperhidrosis Society.

“Those suffering from hyperhidrosis sweat heavily and most of the time they sweat even without any usual trigger like physical activity, weather, or stress,” Dr Anwar Al Hammadi, Consultant Dermatologist at Mediclinic City Hospital, told Gulf News.

“Patients commonly say, ‘I get nervous because I sweat, then I sweat more because I get nervous.’ This is a common complaint of our patients,” Dr Al Hammadi said, adding he does the procedure to around 10 patients a month.

With the increasing temperature and humidity in the UAE this summer, doctors who provide the service told Gulf News that the procedure is gaining popularity in Dubai clinics. The procedure, which is also used in other parts of the world, works by injecting Botox to any affected area to inhibit stimulation of the sweat glands.

“Botox reduces sweat by decreasing the activity of sweat glands. The effect of the Botox injection can last a maximum of six months and so should be given twice a year in order for the patient to stay worry-free,” Dr Ikramullah Al Nasir, Specialist Dermatologist and Medical Director of Dermacare Skin Centre, told Gulf News.

Sufferers of hyperhidrosis complain of overactive sweat glands in various parts of the body, especially the armpits, head, hands, and feet. People with extreme cases report sweating profusely throughout the entire body that they end up having to change their clothes several times a day.

“During my brother’s wedding, I had to blow-dry my suit at least six times as it was soaked in sweat. I sweat excessively, even during winter. Sometimes I sweat even when I’m taking a shower,” a Dubai resident told Gulf News.

And since the sweat stains are very obvious, they tend to have a tremendous impact on a person’s life, Dr Tara Wyne, clinical psychologist at Lighthouse Arabia, said.

“It has a massive impact on a person’s social life and social functioning. It makes a person socially withdrawn and may affect his personal relationships. In severe cases, a person’s whole life can be affected as hyperhidrosis is associated with depression, anxiety, and social phobia. Basically, it can take over his life,” Dr Wyne told Gulf News.

Doctors said many people still suffer from hyperhidrosis in silence due to embarrassment. They said it is best to seek medical help right away to see if their condition is caused by an underlying medical problem or if it is simply an issue of overactive sweat glands.

Dr Al Nasir added that the best candidates for the procedure are those who suffer from abnormal sweating in just certain parts of the body. The efficacy of the treatment varies from person to person.

He advised patients to make sure they get the procedures done by experienced doctors to avoid possible side effects such as temporary loss of sensation or weakness of the arm due to high dosages or deeper injections of Botox by inexperienced doctors.