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Last week, I briefly touched upon the Law of Polarity. Today, I will talk about the Law of Karma.

The Law of Karma (LoK) states that for every action (karm), there is a result/consequence which circles back to the doer. If a doer has done good karma, that is, moral karma, then s/he will reap good/pleasurable results. If a doer has engaged in bad, that is, immoral karma/action, then the doer will bear the fruits accordingly. The LoK works hand in hand with the Law of Consequence.

All things must come to harmony, that is, balance. Within this divine principle, LoK works with the Law of Justice. This is karmic balance. As one balances karma, one can release karma too. In releasing karma, the Law of Forgiveness and the Law of Grace is to be invoked. (I will talk about this later).

Karma is opportunity, not punishment

One entrenched belief about LoK is that it is a punishment. Some take karma to be (doomed) destiny. These are mistaken and non-serving beliefs. Karma is an opportunity. Karmic law simply rests upon the balance of one’s experiences.

If I have hurt someone through the action of spoken words, gestures or by way of, let’s say, cheating or abusing or betraying someone, then I will experience a similar hurt in a similar (or different) situation, either now (in the present life) or later (in a future life). Justice will be served.

How is karma an opportunity? Let’s say, I have karmic carryover of betraying someone in the past. In this lifetime, I am experiencing the same theme, betrayal, in various situations. Now I know how betrayal feels like. My soul gets a taste of it. However, getting betrayed isn’t my destiny. It is karma presenting to me an opportunity to learn the opposite; courage/forgiveness/ compassion/ to experience the opposite.

So, if I forgive my ‘betrayers’, then I have learnt my pending lessons of compassion/kindness. My learning is complete and me and my soul are free to move on. Else, no problem. Eternity will give me another lifetime of chances till I learn. Until then, I will keep coming back.

Any recurring pattern of experiences are ‘themes’ asking for closure. This is soul’s calling to say,” hey friend, this learning is unfinished, I am constantly knocking on the door, utilize this opportunity, and close the chapter. Let’s soar on.”

Karma is not destiny

Karma is balance of experience that souls desire to have to feel complete. It is the nature of the soul to seek balance and hence the constant ‘knock’ of experiences (opportunity). In another example, let’s say I am experiencing harassment from someone or in regular life situations.

However, getting constantly harassed isn’t my destiny, it means I have to rise and claim back my courage/ confidence/ empowerment. This is my learning.

In the game of life, therefore, all nature of experiences should be dealt with lightness and in the spirit of learning.

Karma offers exaggerated experiences of pain and suffering only because in sharp contrasts does one wake up and try to rise above miseries. This is the purpose of intense experiences. (Read: ‘Meditate to Love the Curve’ and ‘Curve adds to the Spiritual Growth’).

(More on the LoK in the next column).

Urmila Rao is an emotional healer and a forgiveness teacher. All the ideas expressed herein are her own and not professional advice or medical prescription. Her email: