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Each one of us is unique, as are the circumstances, challenges and opportunities that we face.

No one knows you better than you do. Within this framework, it is important that you connect with yourself daily to tune in to your right frequency that is amenable to you.

We are energetic and vibratory beings. As Serbian-American inventor Nikola Tesla put it: “To understand the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”

Our thoughts are also energy, that hold certain frequencies.

Attaining the right frequency

A right frequency is one that is balanced and one that is amenable to you. Frequency can be felt as state of being or as an alignment of body and mind.

How do you know that balance has been attained? When you feel: “Oh! I am at peace.” Getting to this balance is our job and it involves practice. This balance or the state of alignment is the peace felt inside, with what you did, thought and said.

When actions match thoughts and speech, or speech and thought articulations match action, alignment is experienced.

Each day we are bombarded with different flavours of experiences; some leave us jolted, some not. For every jolted experience that doesn’t augur well, one needs to sit with that and sort it out, contemplate, instead of making a random judgement based purely on the platform of (jolted) emotions.

The state of randomness in judgement and rushed action doesn’t serve. You will see that in this ‘non-closure’ state, the mind fluctuates a lot. Meditation is also difficult. This is because the being is still looking for a closure, answers that satisfy the being, to get out of that fluctuation. So, the situation needs to be addressed fully and completely, till it is ‘closed’.

Observe your actions and thoughts

Sit in contemplation and go over the whole jolted unnerving experience — this time as an observer. This is the frequency of being unbiased, non judgemental and neutral watcher and see what is causing friction.

This will bring clarity to the whole experience where the required adjustments can be made. And relevant action is taken from this state of neutrality; neutral, not indifferent. Do note, and feel, the frequency difference between neutrality and indifference.

Frequency alignment is what is required to be done. This is a constant, incessant work day after day, as an observer. Find joy in it. This relieves one from pain and hurt. And it comes with practice. Therefore, sitting with self every single day is important.

You will have your answers. You will receive validations, it will come, for example, a friend saying the same thing that felt right to you, or you reading the same thing somewhere, etc.

The universe is forever helping you, but you have to do the self-work. Nothing comes on a platter without putting the required ingredients.

Disclaimer: Urmila Rao is a chakra balancing meditation coach, Theta Healer and a sound therapist. All the ideas expressed herein are her own and not professional advice or medical prescription. She can be reached at: