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As we understand the word ‘limitless’, what if, in the same breath, we understood personality-less? For a moment, visualise being ‘personality-less’ like limitless. Can you feel the expansion and lightlessness?

Energetic constructs

The constructs of personality (‘I am like this’, ‘I am like that’) is tonnes of weight on fragile shoulders. There are so many constructs burdening us: ‘You can do this’, ‘You can’t do that’, or ‘I am good, worthy for this’, ‘I am not good, not worthy for that’, ‘I can scale this mountain’, ‘I can’t scale this mountain’, and so on.

From early on, we start shrinking our limitless being with these structures. Some structural constructs we come with, and countless others are dumped upon us early on; by family, society or institutions. And some we pick up along the way with the choices we go with; the notions of right and wrong, to be this way or that.

What if our inner and outer mental constructs remained like water and clouds? Malleable, sans rigidity, with form yet formless, defined yet shapeless? Constructs and forms make things heavy; cage our freedom.

So, let’s say, instead of boastfully (or woefully) constructing ‘I am like this’ or ‘I am like that’, what if we just remained in the ‘I Am-ness’ of our beings? Doesn’t that pack all of our possibilities, where we remained in the readiness of their application, that too, with ease?

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Structures cause suffering; they are like (energetic) walls around the being. Let’s say, my construct is: ‘I am bold’ and when I am unable to be bold, I suffer. When I suffer, I make everyone around me miserable, and when everyone around me is miserable, I feel more miserable. Other people, in turn, go out and make several others miserable too by the sheer force of their vibratory influence, and so the chain continues till it circles around and comes back to me, solidifying my misery.

What if I lived in the de-construct? I would stop blaming situations and people for my misery, rather focus on my possibilities.

What if I detached, meaning unplugged my ‘self’ from the heaviness of the mental and emotional constructs? And simply be aware of them instead of getting swayed and act through them?

Great masters and saints have done that and have lived in the state of ‘sufferless-ness’ and ‘miseryless-ness’. So, the possibility of this state is attainable, right? In fact, they became ‘great’, and ‘saint’, when they crossed over their constructs.

What if we too, consciously practised living above our limiting structures that our mind keeps manufacturing?

In detachment is freedom, in clinging, is suffering. Or simply put, in awareness, lies freedom.


In the up-keep and maintenance of these constructs (example: ‘I am strong, ‘I don’t cry’) or in un-proving them (‘I am not selfish’), we spend humongous amount of energy. This derails us from being in the ‘I Am-ness.’

Structural constructs, negative or positive, and attachments to them, causes suffering. When we are hooked to them, we suffer because freedom is what our soul wants.

Of all the fears we have, the fear of the lack of freedom is the greatest. In fact, mankind’s whole struggle been directed towards freedom from bondage, in whatever form bondage, that is, slavery, has (and continues to) presented itself: physical/ material, mental/emotional, spiritual/personal.

Getting cast into a personality construct is also bondage. For example, ‘I am helpless in this situation’. What if the personality-less being offers thus: ‘Let’s see, which of my strengths can I bring forth today, here and now, to make the best of this situation? Let’s have some fun today.”

What if we lived the game of life in lightlessness?

What if we remained open to all possibilities at all times, guided by inner wisdom?

Disclaimer: Urmila Rao is a chakra balancing meditation coach, Theta Healer and a sound therapist. All the ideas expressed herein are her own and not professional advice or medical prescription. She can be reached at: milarao2018@gmail.com