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Dear Mother Earth,

I know it’s not ‘Earth Day’, but as I connect to you today, I realise I don’t need a particular day. When I come to think of it, I am actually connected with you from the moment I take my first breath down to the last, even later.

Mama Earth, I thank you for hosting me. Have I been a good guest?

When I come here from somewhere, from the limitless vastness of the space, I eat your food and I grow. I play on your ground, gaze at your sky, I enjoy your mountains, greens, beaches and deserts. I adorn your gems and crystals. I use your air and water and minerals.

I travel throughout you, Mama Earth, in my quest to taste the different flavours of your climate and enjoy different cultures.

Yet, I treat you indifferently. I kill and cage your animals and birds. I kill and destroy your forests, greens and marine life. I use and abuse your soil and mess with your produce. I drink your water, breathe your air and use your soil that feeds me, still I abuse you. I use and abuse you like there is no tomorrow, out of my greed, cheap thrills and drama.

I am a bad guest. I destroy you. I am so merciless!

When I die, you gracefully take me back; whether I am burnt or buried in death, you still take all the remnants of my physicality and offer it for other guests; the insects, the ants... Your heart is so large.

I am grossly unkind to you, yet you kindly allow me to take my memories and experiences back to wherever I came from, on which you don’t lay claim. And, when I travel out of the earth, you allow me to go back with my memories. When I choose to come back, you still host me without complaints, one more time and one more and then some more.

It is me who chooses to come back to you. Despite my unkindness, you still host me. You still give me chances. How unconditional your love is!

Today, I pledge, that I will be a better guest. I apologise for all the wrongs I did to you and your other guests; different kingdoms, the elements and the forces. Please forgive me.

Little do I know that in abusing you, I abuse me. The joke is really on me. When I drink the water that I dirtied, I harm me. When I use the mountains whose air I polluted, I harm me. In harming me, I harm others. How did this truth escape me?

No wonder my relationships are fragile. Because I am fragile. No wonder I don’t give or receive enough love because I unlove me. No wonder my soul feels chipped away, as I chip others away.

All this toxicity plays up, back to me! How did I not notice that?

Today, with folded hands, I seek your apology. I truly am sorry.

Today, I pledge to be a better guest, a guest you will be proud of. A guest that will love and nurture you, as you do to me. Today, I pledge to be kind to you as I seek kindness for me from you and others.

Were you and I even separate? Forgive me, I had thought so. How wrong I was.

I love you mother. I respect you as much as you have honoured me through the ages. Thank you for the opportunity that you give to me to discover unity.

I sign off in love and with hugs, mother.

Love always,

Your Child, from the Human Race.

Disclaimer: Urmila Rao is a chakra balancing meditation coach, Theta Healer and a sound therapist. All the ideas expressed herein are her own and not professional advice or medical prescription. She can be reached at: