The Pet Shop Grooming & Spa team at work Image Credit: Supplied

Though bathing, brushing and clipping of nails are the duties of a pet parent, you may not always have the time or skills to do it on your own. So engage a professional service such as the Pet Shop Grooming & Spa, which is available seven days a week. It will help you fulfil these tasks and maintain a clean, comfortable and happy pet, even during the heat of the summer.

“Grooming promotes a healthy and happy life for the pet,” says Monica Duarte, Grooming Manager at the Pet Shop Grooming & Spa, a part of the Pet Shop and “It helps to identify skin, coat, nail and ear conditions at an early stage.”

Aside from the styled hair and a great after-bath smell, grooming stimulates the pet’s skin and hair follicles. When done right, using the right tools in the right frequency, it gives the pet a tangle-free coat, which reduces shedding at home too.

“The grooming requirements are different for every pet,” says Duarte. “The frequency of bath and brushing, temperature of the water used, dryer speed and even room temperature during the grooming all differ. Some pets might be

sensitive to some products. Some pets don’t feel comfortable with other pets or people too close during grooming. A salon should take all these factors into account.”

Dogs, cats and birds make up the majority of the Pet Shop’s grooming clientele, with occasional visits from rabbits and small rodents.

Given the high temperatures, especially during the summer, pets in the UAE require an extra bit of TLC.

“As the soil is very dry and temperatures are very high in the UAE, pets that go outdoors would require paw and pad conditioning,” says Duarte.

“Regular swimmers and visitors to day-care facilities would need more skincare as water washes away the good oil, making the skin drier.”

Even if you use the services of a salon, it would be a good idea to arm yourself with the necessary grooming tools, says Duarte. First of all, you would require a brush that’s suitable for the type and length of your pet’s hair. Get nail clippers if you are confident you can safely trim your pet’s nails.

A toothbrush is a must to maintain a dental care routine. Invest in a trusted ear cleaner to periodically clean and check the quality of the wax as well as any debris.

The Pet Shop Grooming & Spa has salons at Dubai Investment Park, Al Wasl and Ras Al Khaimah. If you aren’t able to visit the salons, you can engage its mobile grooming service. It has a dedicated Abu Dhabi van too and covers all your grooming needs across the UAE.

How to groom your pet

Monica Duarte, Grooming Manager at the Pet Shop Grooming & Spa, offers some tips.

Nails Always keep your pet’s nails well trimmed to avoid overgrown nails and quick (the blood supply inside the nail). This may cause painful split nails leading to posture problems. Be careful with cats and trim the nails along the right angle. The nails may split if done wrong.

Ears Pay attention to your pet’s behaviour towards its ears. Look for irregular smells and itching. Keep an eye on the colour of the wax and quantity while cleaning.

Anal gland Pet owners should know the ideal frequency and/or need for expressing their pets’ glands. It shouldn’t be done at the will of the groomers or during any random visit, as it may cause infections. Owners are advised to consult their trusted vets for the best advice, as every pet has its own peculiarities.

Tangles Brush your pets regularly. It avoids tangles, which usually appear in hard and delicate areas, such as behind the ears, around the neck and belly. It also stimulates the skin and removes excess hair, which would eventually fall.

Paw and pad You should check your pet’s paws and pads to see if they need moisturising to avoid cracks, which can be painful and lead to infections. Keeping the paws well groomed can also avoid dangerous accidents on slippery floors.

Skin Choose shampoos compatible with your pet’s skin and age. Watch out whether the shampoo interferes with anti-flea/tick medicine.