Kumbh jhinga lazeez Image Credit: Abhishek Sengupta/XPRESS

Dubai: Asha’s, the eponymous fine dining Indian restaurant chain by legendary Bollywood singer Asha Bhosle, is present at 10 locations in five countries, but it is their outlet in Wafi where it all began in 2002.

Their menu and cuisine may be all well known today, but until the end of June, chefs here are cooking up an eclectic mix of new specialities from the erstwhile princely states of India letting you truly feast like a maharaja of yore.

Let it start with Aloo Khush-numa (Dh42), a tantalising platter made of barrels of potato stuffed with paneer and dried fruits charred in the tandoor and napped in a royal mussalam gravy. The exceptional concoction of sweet and spice lends this dish decorated with pomegranate an amazing after-taste.

Kumbh Jhinga Lazeez (Dh70) is another fascinating item on this special maharaja menu. A starter made of button mushrooms stuffed with coriander, garlic and marinated prawn mince, you would have to give it for the depth of flavour.

Thinking main course? You could try their Pista Korma (Dh115), made of tender chicken breasts delectably cooked in a creamy rich gravy that’s infused with flavours of pistachio and basil. The chicken wrapped in edible silver foil and garnished with dried fruits, nuts and pinches of saffron, it’s a fragrant delight straight out of a royal kitchen from the princely Oudh.

To match the decadence, I saw only the Rampuri Paya Biryani (Dh145) as a fitting rice combination. Another dish truly made for royalty, it’s a real masterpiece from the Kingdom of Rampur made with the meat of a lamb that’s slow cooked for hours with saffron, raisin and lamb jus that also makes the flavourful basmati rice.

You can try their special flatbreads with the Korma as well - Nan e bakumach (Dh16) made of whole wheat and semolina and garnished with fennel seeds or Naan e burani (Dh18) that’s simply topped with cheese and garlic. However the best way to enjoy the bread is to have it with their legendary Daal Makhani (Dh75).

Only a Shahi Tukda (Dh45), a fabulously toasty bread pudding, will be a fitting conclusion.