Activists of Effronte-e-s feminist movement hold placards reading "sexist" in a Yves Saint-Laurent shop in Paris. Image Credit: AFP

Campaigners are accusing Saint Laurent of sexism after an ad campaign was released that they say features women in degrading poses. They are demanding its withdrawal.

A French women’s rights group held a protest Tuesday in front of Saint Laurent’s Left Bank Paris boutique against the publicity campaign that shows a model in fur and fishnets opening her thighs, and another model in a leotard bending over a stool.

Advertising campaigns in France are frequently criticised for objectifying women to sell products, but this season’s Saint Laurent campaign was singled out notably because of the suggestion of violence.

French advertising authority ARPP said that it wrote to Saint Laurent Monday regarding the complaints it has received about the imagery.

The fashion house had no immediate comment on Tuesday.