Saudi Arabian designer Hatem Al Akeel (left) and Louboutin. Image Credit: Supplied

There's a bit of a Middle East flavour to this month's issue of the French Marie Claire. Saudi Arabian designer Hatem Al Akeel, known for his trendy kandouras and who recently launched a line of shirts, has been given a nod by famed shoe designer Christian Louboutin in a photo shoot for the monthly women's magazine.

Featuring a retrospective of his work, Louboutin, who recently celebrated 20 years of his brand, is seen wearing a Toby shirt.

"I am thrilled and honoured as he really is an integral part of the fashion world. Having him wear Toby is reinforcing the merge and acceptance between Western and Middle Eastern style," Al Akeel told tabloid!.

"I offered it to him as a gift but had absolutely no idea that he would wear them for his shoot. It was such a great surprise and honour."

Al Akeel and Louboutin have worked together in the past with the French designer's shoe collection featuring in Toby's catwalk shows. "I could not have dreamed of a better way to launch my shirt line and to have the European readers see it worn by the master himself was quite enthralling to say the least," says Al Akeel.

Toby Shirts are stocked at Saks Fifth Avenue in BurJuman and Galleries Lafayette in The Dubai Mall.