I try and live by a very French-girl philosophy. Less is more. Natural is good. And of course, eat Brie cheese whenever you can. But no, seriously, I love their easy and effortless style and their simple and straightforward way of life. The French always inspired me. Around three years ago I stopped wearing makeup, overhauled my closet, got rid of fast fashion, stuck to simple pieces that will forever be stylish, and gave my hair a break from the heat. Here are some important pieces that helped develop my personal style — these are effortlessly French.

1. Flats all the way

While most of us feel our best in heels, French style is all about wearing a comfortable and elegant flat. These days, I’ve been spending more money on well-cushioned soles that last longer and don’t hurt when I walk. I prefer this expensive looking beige, which will elevate any outfit I pair it with.

Price Dh525 from Clarks Grace collection

2. A crisp white blouse

French girls love a white button-down blouse. Usually it’s slightly oversized and paired with skinny jeans and flats. This wrap blouse in ivory has more of a figure-hugging cut and black detailing that give this blouse a nice contrast.

Price Dh325 from Marks and Spencer

3. Flared jeans (splurge!)

Parisian girls are into a more loose-fitting, high-waisted jean. They tuck their tops in and pair it with a simple belt. Instead of the slightly messier boyfriend jeans, this has more of a classic pants’ look with a denim material. A little bit of a fashion risk for girls like me, who love a simpler skinny jeans look, but these wide-leg denim pants will do more for your figure than a skinny jean — elongate your legs and cinch your waist. Let these Dior ones inspire your next jeans purchase.

Price Dh5,600 from Christian Dior

4. Skin

I was once watching French makeup artist and the Global Beauty Director of Estée Lauder, Violette, in a Glossier ‘Get Ready with Me’ YouTube tutorial and she said “My skincare is my foundation.” Those are words to live by. Because skin is such an important element of a French look, I am someone who has invested in my skin. Really big things are cleansing, under-eye cream and skin oil, since that properly regenerates your skin. Try the Ila Face Oil for that glowing French radiance.

Price Dh380 from ila-spa.com