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Remember the time when online shopping for clothes was a faraway dream that most fashion-savvy women in the UAE could not reach? Then all of the sudden the e-commerce market for online fashion picked up, and we now have access to the exact same items that women in the US and UK are buying online.

Here are 5 online stores perfect for every budget (and real talk on each of them).

1. SheIn

Definitely very affordable, but slightly risky if you’re concerned about the fit, fabric and finishing. They recreate high-end designs for less than a fraction of the price, so you can get your hands on all sorts of trendy pieces for a lot less than if you shopped them on the high street. However, not all pieces are true to size, and will sometimes be a lot shorter, a lot tighter or falling off the seams in real life, but you could potentially get lucky if you buy the right things. Shein is great for leggings, cotton tops, bathing suit cover-ups, sweaters (if you like them short) and some cotton dresses. Do not risk it and buy jeans, skirts or blouses. But know that you will not be spending much here.

2. Namshi

The best thing about Namshi is that they are based here in the UAE, so if something doesn’t fit right, you return it for free and get the right size. Namshi also has affordable pieces from brands you are familiar with like Bershka, Mango, New look and Top Shop. These are definitely higher quality. I wouldn’t recommend buying from some of their lesser-known brands, as they don’t tend to fit your body exactly right. Namshi is also great for accessories including phone covers, little purses and small knickknacks for your home.


Definitely not a place that would skimp on quality. They carry hundreds of cool fashion brands as well as their own ASOS brand, which is popular with a lot of women. My personal experience with ASOS was non-existent, since they never delivered my product and after a lot of emailing, I finally got a refund. That said, ASOS is one of the most trusted and most visited online shopping websites in the UK, with many of my friends using it here. You have to admit they sell quality and 100 per cent original products. The only warning I’ve heard is that “you get what you pay for.” So some of the cheaper items may not be the best quality.

4. Moda Operandi

Moda Operandi is the only place in the UAE to pre-order looks straight from the unedited runway collections of the world’s top designers, months before they are available anywhere else. It’s basically for fashion professionals and people who need high-end dresses and pieces. If you order from Moda Operandi, be prepared to spend a lot of money (and you’re probably that person who loves to shop for things that no one else has).

5. Ounass

Ounass launched almost two years ago and is home to over 250 luxury brands. If you are into fashion, beauty, lifestyle and homeware, Ounass has an incredible range of super top-tier designers. It’s definitely for those who want to spend a little more and enjoy the finer things in life. That Stella McCartney bag that everyone is going crazy for? You’ll definitely find it here. They also deliver in two hours, so it’s like you bought it at the shop straight away (almost).