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Faghrah Sarfraz Ahmed, 13
Grade 8, homeschooling in Sharjah

Some scientists have already predicted what the future will be like. In the words of scientist Ampy Buchholz said, “Your whole body and surroundings will become part of the same network”. According to me, everything will be related to technology, from our houses to work and from transportation to fashion.

The future will be much easier for everyone.

Smart cars will drive themselves. There will be a “fashion helper” which can tell you what to wear each day according to the weather and help you match your tops with your bottoms.

Many people find cooking hard; so the next generation will experience having a virtual chef, who shows them how to cook.

Some youngsters think that working in the kitchen without any help is a challenging task, so I’m pretty sure in the future, there will be kitchen robots who will come to their assistance.

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The future will make things simple. Image Credit: Supplied

If you spill something, a robot helper can clean it up in a matter of seconds and without whining. In other areas of life too the future will simplify things.

For example, some people are too sluggish to find where they have kept their mobile phones, like my older sister who keeps ordering me around to find her mobile.

So in the future there might be “smart clothes” wich can come to your rescue. These can help you call someone simply by using your smart sleeve and there is no danger of losing your ‘mobile’ because you are wearing it. This kind of thing will help lazy people like my older sister.

I guess these smart clothes will also be able to change their colours and patterns based on your mood, for example, while dancing, smart clothes will change their colours and patterns to match the music.

I too want to see the wonders of the future but most of all, I wish to wake up soon in a better world without destruction and wars.

The habit in people that annoys me the most:

Lying. Because it makes them dishonest and it’s hard to trust them.