Gulf Fruits
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We care about what you eat! Eating healthy means eating fresh. Since 2008, Gulf Fruits has been providing its customers in the UAE with fruits and vegetables of the finest quality.

Gulf Fruits is more than a wholesale fruits and vegetable supplier. It’s the experience of a fruits and vegetable market that inspires the company’s customers to eat fresh and healthy. As people are tied up with their busy schedules, Gulf Fruits provides home delivery services, bringing you fresh produce directly to your doorsteps in the fastest way. Gulf Fruits likes to invite its customers to experience all the benefits that it has to offer.

The company prides itself on giving a comfortable home shopping experience for farm-fresh produce, dairy, groceries, and more. It makes it easy for customers to personalise their shopping, and to satisfy their own tastes and requirements. Gulf Fruits takes great joy in knowing that the orders have been delivered to customers in the freshest state, with high-quality fruits and vegetables, picked from local farmers just before packing. Its services are personalised, flexible and user-friendly. Whether you require a one-off delivery or repeat recurring delivery, you will find the company reliable and adaptable.

The Gulf Fruits team’s passion is to serve and add value to their customers’ shopping experience. Gulf Fruits also deeply cares about the nation and that is why being environmentally friendly is important to the company. It is striving to be carbon neutral, using compostable packaging that decomposes but can be used as a bin liner, after delivery. Gulf Fruits loves being able to serve its customers a high-quality selection of food, that is naturally grown and tastes fresh, thus adding value to your health and lifestyle.

Get lucky!

Shop with Gulf Fruits for more than Dh100 and stand a chance to win an iPhone 13 pro max. The promotion, which is available for all regions in the UAE, begins now and will run through the upcoming days. The winner will be announced soon. All you have to do is visit the website and buy some fresh fruits, vegetables, or more products, with the minimum order of Dh100.