Desert Group Advertorial
Michael Mascarenhas, CEO, Desert Group Image Credit: Supplied

Climate change is real and it is happening as we speak.

Green is not just a colour anymore — it’s a feeling, it’s a warning and more than anything it is turning out to be the most important index of quality of life.

There is no denying that for a green future we will have to clean up our present. In order to contribute positively to the environment, we need to forge a strong, conscientious relationship with nature. This is the vision with which Desert Group operates. The company strives to bring green not only to the open spaces in the country but also into your homes and hearts.

Sustainability is about creating a culture where our concern about the nature comes naturally. “Dubai Garden Centre was born from our desire to make caring for plants accessible to everyone,” says Michael Mascarenhas, CEO of Desert Group. “It’s all about life. The purpose of our garden centres is to bring green into your homes. Growing up in a lush green space impacts young minds. It cultivates an everlasting bond with nature, which inspires a moral obligation towards the environment. A green future begins with us.

“In addition to the current palette of plants that we work with, we are now focusing on arid, adaptive and native species that contribute directly to water conservation. Our Wahat Al Sahraa Nurseries nurture varied species of native flora. Come and explore our beautiful nurseries teeming with vibrant species of plants, ask us about our native varieties and we will be glad to introduce them to you.

“Earlier, most of the fertilisers and chemicals required by the horticulture sector were imported into the region. In our efforts to improve soil conservation and bring down the organisation’s carbon footprint, Desert Energy, a division of Desert Group, has manufactured soil-specific organic formulations particularly suited to this region.”

Desert Group aspires to create awareness through its eco-friendly products and services. “Look at the country today — it’s green all around,” says Mascarenhas. “It’s transforming every day. Desert Group has been a leading part in this movement with our vast nurseries, garden centres and capabilities around green, which gives back to the environment organically.”

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