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Health is precious to each one of us and the holy month of Ramadan makes it even more special. The best gift to give your body during this time is to take care of it with as much attention as possible. DermoViva wishes to add more to that with an extra layer of protection against germs and viruses through their handwash range.

This pious month as you celebrate togetherness, practice the ideal safe routines with your loved ones too. DermoViva Hand washes help keep your hands safe from disease-causing bacteria and viruses. The natural ingredient enriched formulas make them gentle and kind to your hands.

The trying times haven’t yet abandoned us. Therefore, it’s essential to remember the need for washing hands frequently especially with DermoViva Anti-Bacterial Hand wash, packed with the protection properties of olive. Fasting schedules can also have an effect on metabolism and immunity that can make it easier for germs to attack. Before suhour and iftar along with as many times as possible in the course of the day, cleanse your skin for at least 20 seconds. The natural germ-killing formula will help shield against unwanted illnesses.

Ramadan is observed during one of the hotter summer months, which make hands susceptible to dryness due to the heat and air conditioning. The natural hydra-boosting complexes from aloe vera within DermoViva Moisture Plus Hand wash help provide intense hydration while cleansing your hands.

The skin-fortifying complexes of chamomile packed within DermoViva Age Renewal Hand wash and fairness enhancing saffron in the DermoViva Fairness Glow Hand wash enrich the skin with every wash while washing off the germs. Regular washing keeps you and your loved ones safe so you can enjoy your together time without worrying about illnesses.

Your hands are your frontline workers. Let’s pledge to always cherish them, keep them safe and pamper them with peace, health and prosperity. Keep your family safe the right way - the DermoViva way! Ramadan Kareem!