Dubai Police launched an awareness campaign in 2015 to educate people on the dangers of rubbernecking, according to a Gulf News report published in May 2015.

The two-week campaign titled ‘Avoid Crowding — Give Way’ targeted drivers and pedestrians alike. Awareness was raised via social media channels, awareness drives at malls and media outlets. The idea behind the campaign was not to fine vehicles that obstruct traffic, but to teach people not to rubberneck at all.

A Gulf News report published in November 2013 said a police officer responding to a road accident near Arabian Ranches in Dubai died when he was struck while getting out of his vehicle. Investigations revealed that the driver was looking at the accident and did not see the officer.

The congestion also causes delays for ambulances reaching accident sites. Dubai Police launched another awareness campaign last month titled ‘Give way for emergency vehicles, save a life’ in order to raise awareness on how emergency vehicles cannot sometimes reach their respective destination on time because of drivers who do not give way. In 2016, 128 motorists were fined for failing to give way to police, ambulance and Civil Defence cars.

Currently, no law penalises drivers who rubberneck. However, if the motorist is violating the traffic laws, such as obstructing traffic or driving below the minimum speed limit, he or she can be fined.