To be or not to be? This is the question on the minds of Gulf News readers regarding a decision to reopen a few dangerous U-turns on the Al Wasl Road. A series of fatal accidents last year forced the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) to close these U-turns. However, there are now plans to reopen them. Do you support this move? When was the last time you spent a long time trying to take a U-turn? Do motorists not understand the seriousness and danger involved in taking a wrong U-turn? Tell us at

U-turns just lead to accidents as people are unable to judge distance accurately.

If I take a U-turn, I always prefer to have a traffic signal installed. I do not think the problem is with the judgment of motorists. It depends on the flow of traffic. Often, when there is some traffic congestion, it becomes easier to make U-turns. However, if there isn't any heavy traffic, motorists will not be able to see a car approaching at high speed, which could lead to accidents.
Anoop John David

Often people are unable to judge even the length of a car! I have been involved in instances where a car trying to make a U-turn presumed that I had passed and entered the road, almost hitting me. People do face a lot of problems at U-turns. I have been driving for a very long time in Dubai but have not had an accident as I drive carefully.
Kurukkoli Hameed

Some U-turns on the Al Wasl Road are extremely dangerous. This is because some people just try to make a U-turn when there is not enough space. I think U-turns must be removed if they cause accidents. However, installing signals at every U-turn is going to create further problems, as it will slow down traffic. I face this problem on Jumeirah Beach Road.
Mohammad Taj Al Deen

It is always better to have a traffic signal on U-turns. While most U-turns do have them, there are others on the Al Wasl Road that are dangerous because of the lack of traffic signals. During rush hour it becomes extremely difficult to take these U-turns, which affects me as I drive on the Al Wasl Road regularly. On Jumeirah Beach Road, it is extremely easy to take a U-turn, as there is a traffic signal at every junction.
Ramsheed Hyder

U-turns only add to Dubai's traffic congestion as they slow down vehicle movement.

I think U-turns are an excellent idea, but there are many drivers who do not understand how to use them. I think if people use U-turns correctly they are absolutely safe and should help the flow of traffic, not impede it. People need to learn how to use U-turns for them to be effective.
Thelma Riggans

If they are used properly, I see no reason why U-turns would add to congestion. The need is to educate the population on how to use them properly. Then, there would be no reason for them to cause congestion. The problem is due to two factors – impatience as well as a lack of awareness. Drivers in Dubai can be extremely impatient and lack proper driving skills, too.
Emily Riggans

If used properly, U-turns are very good for traffic flow. Similarly, if they are not used properly, they can add to congestion, especially if people enter the road at the wrong time. In Dubai, traffic has grown tremendously. I have lived in Dubai since 1978 and there have been lots of changes. It has become very busy now. However, you just need to adapt. The key is to relax and try to get through the traffic.
James Cameron

The traffic does slow down at times, but it could be resolved if there were traffic signals installed at junctions. If there are no signals, U-turns could cause traffic congestion. I use the Al Wasl Road regularly, and do not think there is a major problem with traffic.
Ahmad Ali

U-turns are necessary on community roads but there are too many of them.

They are simply causing accidents, and I honestly do not think many U-turns are necessary. I guess it might cause a little inconvenience to residents, but areas like the Al Wasl Road are also used by other motorists who travel the whole stretch. Keeping both these aspects in mind, I guess there should be U-turns, but at longer intervals.
Hany Shaker

More than U-turns, the need of the hour is zebra crossings. I have noticed there is a serious lack of pedestrian crossings, which makes it difficult for people living in residential areas to access facilities. Whenever I take my children to the park, I face problems because of this. I also worry when I send my teenage child for tuition. This dearth of zebra crossings needs to be looked into.
Radha Hari

U-turns are essential, especially on community roads. When you discuss U-turns in general, I think they can be extremely helpful considering that everyone is in a hurry to reach work. U-turns help motorists save valuable time. However, careless driving can always lead to accidents and motorists need to be careful, not just on U-turns but while driving in general.
Irine Quiblatin

U-turns should definitely be built on community roads. Otherwise, motorists would have to travel long distances to get home. What is needed is a method through which the road's traffic can be controlled. It could be done using a speed breaker or a signal. Most accidents occur when motorists try to enter the road at high speed and join the left most lane.
Abdullah G. Dyer

Accidents are a result of unsafe driving habits and nothing to do with road planning.

Accidents are more a result of carelessness and lack of concentration on the road while driving. I feel U-turns are much needed and useful as they help drivers take a short route or turn back at any point. If we do not have U-turns, motorists will be wasting a lot of time. As long as we have safe driving habits, we are safe on the road.
Mohammad Razal Dawood

Most countries do not allow U-turns because of the problems they cause on roads. However, people do drive badly, too. I find the standard of driving here to be quite poor and there is not enough awareness regarding rules and ethics. But I do feel U-turns are part of the problem as they hold up traffic and are difficult to make when motorists do not give you enough space.
Asma Khan

I have read about the accidents that take place at U-turns, and I am not sure whether it is because of the road planning or careless driving. I am in the process of getting a driving licence and have not faced any problems in taking U-turns until now. I guess the problem has to do with both factors – badly planned U-turns and reckless drivers.
Arnel Ramos
Abu Dhabi

The high speed at which most motorists drive is one of the main causes of accidents on roads. Many people do not follow basic driving rules and are reckless drivers. They need to be more careful and be aware as motorists. The radar cameras and stiff fines do not seem to be effective as many motorists pay fines but continue to drive poorly.
Anvita Dasani