To selfie or not
Image Credit: Pexels

Kashish Sharma, Indian, 20:

Kashish Sharma

Taking selfies isn’t that important to me; it’s something I once in a while. I don’t think it’s a good idea to go undergo cosmetic surgery [to look good in selfies] mainly because it has a lot of complications, Plus, every girl is pretty in her own way. I personally wouldn’t want to change any of my features. I love the way I am as it’s not important for me to look like celebrities. Yes, I get inspired by them; by their fashion sense, make-up and all but that doesn’t mean I would want to look like them.

Hannah Raymond, Canadian, 20:


Taking selfies is not super important, I certainly enjoy taking them when I feel like I’m looking okay. On some days I take no selfies; other days, I take a few if I look good. [Cosmetic surgery] for selfies is so detrimental. It’s not important to look like a celebrity and I don’t particularly want to look like anyone else.

Reine Khreiss, Lebanese, 20:

Reine Khreiss

Taking selfies is partially important for me. Nowadays girls who are insecure take selfies to satisfy themselves since they think that beauty is measured by pictures.

On an average, I take five selfies a day. However, i do not post them anywhere.

I think girls turning to cosmetic surgeries to correct their features so they can look good in selfies is a very bad idea, for plastic surgeries corrupt the natural beauty of a woman.

For years I thought of changing one of my facial features; my nose. But now, think of it, I wouldn’t change anything [because], for me, it is not important to look like models or celebrities.

Amreen Bhuii, Indian, 21:

Amreen Bhuii

Taking a selfie isn’t really important but it does help with my self-confidence at times. I don’t take selfies on a daily basis, only when I go out or have a good make-up day!

I think cosmetic surgery isn’t bad as long as you aren’t completely changing your look. Some people have grown up with insecurities regarding certain features and if cosmetic surgery helps them feel better, then I don’t see anything wrong with it. I would personally want to straighten my nose as I did break it as a kid. I think Instagram puts a lot of pressure on girls subconsciously. After scrolling on Instagram for a while, it does influence me to look iconic.

- Mohammed Bassam is an intern with Gulf News.