While the value and history of a textbook cannot be erased, it is definitely a thing of the past. Tablets have proved to be the most efficient learning tool as not only does it eliminate the burden of having to carry multiple books, it stimulates our brains too. It is not that textbooks are outdated or that they are of less importance, but with the pace of technology and the human brain constantly evolving, tablets are simply better at keeping up with that pace.

We were given tablets in school and it was a very happy moment for all students, but it wasn’t only because we could download games and apps, rather because it was a time saver. It also improved our creativity, engagement and our grades as we were all aiming to find the information as fast as possible and with textbooks, that was simply never possible.

Critics argue that it is too much of a distraction in the classroom and that teachers cannot make sure that students are actually using it for educational purposes, but that can also be the case with textbooks. At the end of the day, whether or not a student uses his or her book or tablet for educational purposes, is his or her own loss.

The reason for the success of the tablet is because it is new, innovative and different from traditional teaching methods. So, instead of opposing the idea of tablets in the classroom, we need to support this because at the end of the day, the aim should be to maximise learning outcome while keeping the students engaged and interested in the subject.

- The reader is an Iraqi student based in Gothenburg, Sweden