Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi gestures while speaking at an election rally during the first phase of the Indian general elections in Bhagalpur, in the Indian state of Bihar on April 11, 2019. India's gargantuan election, the biggest in history, kicked off on April 11 with Prime Minister Narendra Modi seeking a second term from the South Asian behemoth's 900 million voters. / AFP / Sachin KUMAR Image Credit: AFP

What you need to know:

  •  India is devoid of political maturity

Political maturity is something which is rare to find in the political scenario of many countries. The transparency, as they call it is an asset to politics all over the world. In most of the countries the world over, the politicians stoop to any low level to achieve what they want. They want victory by hook or by crook.

No leader is bothered about the political correctness or morality in their varied activities. Political correctness is defined in the way they like. Low levels of propaganda and cheap road shows misusing the money of the masses are common sights during elections especially in countries like India. This is a common ailment of almost all political parties, which has earned them the sobriquet - politics is the last resort of a scoundrel.

Mahatma Gandhi, the father of India, has abundantly warned people in his many exhortations and memorable speeches about such people. But sadly what we observe in India in recent times is a pitiable mix of cheap politics laced with religious beliefs. They have become hard-core fundamentalists who play on the religious sentiments of the people who are not properly politically motivated/educated.

Moreover, in India as I have often written, one does not cast his votes, one votes his cast. ‘Casteism’ and communalism are at its worst in the present day India as the leaders of the various parties do not stand for common unity based on the cultural oneness of the nation. They stand for temporary gains but at what cost? They themselves do not know.

India needs statesmen who think of the long term prosperity and wellbeing of the nation and not temporary gains. The days of Gandhi and Jawaharlal Nehru are gone. The street leaders and others who are not politically mature have taken over and are having a field day.

It is time the political pundits and leaders who are the intellectual beacons of the country speak with one voice and one heart. Especially at a juncture when the country needs leaders who stand for unity in diversity. It is time India stood united against its enemies and make the nation stronger. Time when a united India stood against its enemies and made it a stronger nation.

- The reader is a resident of Kerala, India