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A multi-ethnic group of elementary school girls are indoors in their classroom. They are wearing casual clothing. They are sitting on the floor and happily embracing. Image Credit: Getty Images

What you need to know:

  • True friends are difficult to find, which is why we must cherish the friends we have.

Friendship is a relationship where a person has the freedom to choose another person they enjoy spending time with. Most of the time, it’s our heart finding peace and comfort with this person, or with these people. Friendship is the home for every wandering soul which is lost.

When you are friends with a person, you can tell them everything without the fear of being judged. Friendship can be cultivated with time and understanding. Some friendships are strong and can withstand the test of time and roll like a dice when life throws them a curveball. Good friends, will give you the space you want, when you need it and will love you more when you are broken or lack direction.

No matter how independent, bold, empowered or economically secure we may be, deep in our hearts, we all seek to bond with other people. Human beings are social animals afterall. Relationships with our friends make us strong, they help us grow and make us happy.

In a relationship, it is important to not have high hopes and expectations and never expect more from others than what we expect from ourselves. No one can make promises to bring perfection to a relationship, we need to be willing to forgive people for their mistakes. It’s equally important to acknowledge when we make mistakes.

It is also important to respect other people’s boundaries as well as their stories. Some people are difficult to get close to and take time to open up. Don’t push them away.

Good friends are able to acknowledge that everyone is human, and don’t judge you for your choices. It’s not necessary or compulsory for a friend to like or approve all of our choices, but good friends accept their friend’s choices no matter what. Friendship is the most difficult relationship to maintain. Maintaining the dignity of friendship in its purest and devoted form is not everyone’s cup of tea. I truly admire those who are actually able to keep their friendships. I wouldn’t have been able to survive if I had no one to confide in. It’s a feeling of stability – to know that in trouble, I have someone to fall back on, someone who understands.

Friendship is a two-way street and requires giving and receiving.

If you are one of those lucky individuals to be blessed with good friends, dont lose them. Celebrate them and cherish them forever.

- The reader is a writer based in Abu Dhabi.