I would like to raise a complaint against du. I was charged when I was trying to fill credit through their machine in Dubai Mall. However, my transaction was declined. I had no other option but to go to the counter and purchase another card, as I had no credit in my phone.

Later, I submitted the printed receipts to du through their website and specifically mentioned that I needed this money back in my card, as I had already purchased credit and did not need it anymore.

They still went ahead and credited my phone.

Now, at the end of 30 days, I will lose all this money for no mistake of my own. The error was due to their machine not working correctly. Why should I lose my money because of their mistake?

Requesting Gulf News’ intervention to help me in this matter. I am being forced to take this credit; either they could return the money or they could extend the validity for a total of 90 days. Either would be a solution to getting the correct value for my money paid to them.

I hope for the newspaper’s kind support in this matter.

From Mr Kunal Bhatia


A spokesperson from du responds:

In response to Mr Bhatia’s complaint and after investigation, we discovered that the recharge amount of Dh50 has appeared in our system twice, based on the number of times Mr Bhatia recharged the credit. We have arranged for the credit to be available for the customer for a prolonged period of time exceeding 30 days. We have conveyed the resolution to the satisfaction of Mr Bhatia.

Mr Bhatia responds:

Gulf News’ intervention helped a lot. Many thanks for helping me out in this matter.

(Process initiation: December 4. Response from organisation: December 13. Reader confirmation: December 24.)

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