There is a school across the road in this Al Ghusais area, Dubai, but unfortunately, there is no pedestrian crossing. Image Credit:


During my morning walk on Doha Street in the Al Qusais area, Dubai, I always observe many parents trying to‎cross the road with their children. There is a school across the road, but unfortunately, there is no pedestrian crossing available.

It seems like this school is mainly for young children, as most of the children that I have seen trying to cross the road seem quite young. Additionally, the Ministry of Labour office is also located in the same vicinity.

We all are aware of the courtesy most motorists in Dubai provide on the roads. Many a times, I have helped the mothers to cross the road by stopping the car. I have even stood on the roadside and requested drivers to slow down and allow them to cross safely with their young ones. But, I can’t do this every day.

I request the concerned authorities to provide a pedestrian crossing, along with a speed breaker, in this area as soon as possible, especially adjacent to this school. This would make it much easier for people to cross the road and pick and drop their children.


The reader’s concerns were raised with the management of the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA). They immediately investigated the issue and responded.

They stated: “The possibility of providing a pedestrian crossing at the mentioned site shall be studied according to the RTA specifications.”