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Social media users advocated for people understanding the importance of maintaining personal space and respecting spatial boundaries. Some joked about and shared images of their cheeky pets not doing so.

Here's what tweeps thought...

@Kinyels: Sometimes I don’t want to talk to anyone I just want my personal space.

@__Te2xss: Self love is setting boundaries and protecting your time, heart, energy, and personal space.

@troiiluv:This random lady put her whole face in my little brother’s personal space bubble just to “give him life advice about high school”...

@AureliaOT7: We talk about men making women feel uncomfortable being crowded and objectified but no one seems to remember men can feel the same way too. Everyone deserves respect and personal space

@MotherNatureNet: No one respects personal space as gracefully as as a tree...

@JLubnaa_: I respect those who respect space.

@ChelseyRogers95: Olive the bad dog does not believe in personal space.

Olive Image Credit: Twitter

@_moimichelle: My cat does not understand personal space; not even a little bit.