I have been chasing etisalat for almost 90 days without any resolution or reply from their customer care.

I have two prepaid mobile numbers and they have been disconnected for more than 90 days now. I have been using these numbers since 2001 and all my medical information, bank information, insurance policies, credit cards and everything else is linked to these mobile numbers. I have incurred losses and I am going through severe mental stress because of disconnection, due to the mishandling of my complaints with etisalat. I had submitted a written complaint to etisalat at one of their branches and I have not received any explanation or resolution.

There was some amount of balance left in both my pre-paid accounts before disconnection. I am going through tremendous stress as my relatives and friends are not able to communicate with me on my mobile and WhatsApp. I am not able to receive updates on health-related matters too, as the mobile numbers are registered in local hospitals. All this hardship and mental stress is due to the mishandling of my issues.

I want to know how long it will take etisalat to resolve the issues and take strict action against the mishandling of complaints. I am looking forward to quick support.

From Mr Firoz Subhani


The management of etisalat responds:

Thanks for bringing Mr Subhani’s concerns to our attention. Etisalat customer care team would like to apologise for all the inconvenience caused until now. One of the prepaid numbers was ceased as it was not recharged for five months. The customer care team had informed Mr Subhani on May 17, 2016, that in order to avail the number, he would have to visit the business centre to reactivate the prepaid number. Unfortunately, as there was no request until July 9, 2016, the number was given to another customer. The second number is active and the etisalat team has confirmed that Mr Subhani does not have any further complaints on this number. The third number is valid and can be reactivated by visiting the nearest etisalat business centre.

(Process initiation: July 20. Response from organisation: August 7. Process completion: August 24.)

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