I am facing an issue with the Gulf News’s subscription promotion offer in collaboration with Citibank. I know that the credit card approval is subject to the terms and conditions. I sent an SMS to apply for the credit card and they contacted me on January 24. A representative called me and enquired about the details. I informed him of our company name, the number of years I’ve worked there and my salary details. He confirmed that I am eligible for the credit card. They need some documents that I am ready to provide, but they want me to go to Dubai or Sharjah to submit the documents. As far as I know, no bank asks their customers to visit them to submit the documents. I explained to him that it is difficult for me to go to Dubai from Al Ain, just for the sake of submitting documents. There would be hundreds of customers from Al Ain applying for this promotion. The bank has to arrange for someone to collect the documents with the required signature from Al Ain. Please help me in solving the issue.

From Mr Raghavendra Radhakrishna

Al Ain

The management of Citibank responds:

We have contacted client to arrange a pick-up. The case has been resolved.

Mr Radhakrishna responds:

The issue is resolved. Thank you to Gulf News and Citibank for their extra effort.

(Process initiation: January 30. Response from organisation: February 2. Reader confirmation: February 9.)

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