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This photograph was taken in the Ewan Residence of the Dubai Investment Park area, where the tenants are too lazy to throw their own garbage in allocated drums. Instead, they leave the trash bags on the street.

This is a continuing activity and I can see cats trying to cut through the trash bags on daily basis. I have also spotted insects and cockroaches around the trash bags. If this continues without any serious action, we should expect rats soon.

When I see people dumping a trash bag outside the bins, I have asked them to throw their garbage appropriately. But, I am fed up and honestly it’s very hard to educate people who seem to be doing it on purpose. All people have to do is lift the lid of the drum and dump the garbage bags in. There should be no excuses.

I believe the concerned authorities should get involved, investigate and maybe issue a fine to at least one person so that the others start taking it seriously. This is a matter of health and hygiene and is also damaging the appearance of the city that we are living in.

The reader is based in Dubai.

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