Fee for a mistake

On my credit card bill, the total amount due for November 2016 was Dh2,110 and I paid Dh2,010 online before the due date. After the due date had passed, I received a message and call from the bank, stating that Dh100 was due and I had to pay it immediately.

I realised that I had paid Dh100 less by mistake and immediately contacted the bank and paid the amount.

In the December 2016 statement, FGB charged me Dh250 as late payment fee. I contacted the customer care division and requested the bank that since this had happened for the first time, could they make an exception and reverse the late payment fee? But, the bank is not accepting my request.

From Mr Anil Gundeti

Abu Dhabi

The management of FGB responds:

FGB is grateful for all customer feedback to which we give careful consideration as we strive to consistently deliver the highest standards of service. The bank has been in contact with Mr Gundeti, and the matter has been resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Mr Gundeti responds:

I received a call from FGB and they confirmed that they will be reversing the late payment fee.

(Process initiation: December 13, 2016. Response from organisation: December 14, 2016. Reader confirmation: December 14, 2016.)

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