I am a customer of Dubai First credit card. Recently I received an SMS saying my credit card limit is increased (more than doubled).

I was surprised to note the same and I called customer care service and informed them that I do not want the higher limit. They have advised me to send an SMS to a particular number, which I did. In spite of not opting for higher limit they increased my limit. When I checked my credit card statement, Dh750 was charged towards subscription fee. When I called for customer care service they informed me the charges are for upgrading my card. I requested them to register my complaint to waive off the charges. They refused to do so saying they have instructions not to take such complaints

In the same month, a sales representative called me offering installment plan for my retail purchased. I informed him it will be acceptable to me only if processing charges are charged but not finance charges. He informed me that he will take the request and if it is not approved he will inform me. Later I called the customer care department and enquired a couple of times. They said my request is still pending.

Since the due date for payment is approaching, I informed the customer care representative to cancel my request and paid the full amount. When I received the statement I noticed they converted the amount to installments and charged Dh700 for processing

When I protested, they said their system will process the request at 6am and I called the customer service the previous night at 10pm. When I called the bank the staff were rude to me. I request the senior officials to intervene and resolve the issue.

From Mr Naseer Mohammad


The management of Dubai First responds: At Dubai First, we are committed to provide the best of service to our card members and protect their interests. Mr Naseer Mohammad has been contacted and his concerns have been addressed immediately. The issue has been resolved to his satisfaction. We thank you for bringing this to our attention.

(Process initiation: June 3. Response from organisation: June 6.)

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