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Abu Dhabi

Travis is desperately looking for a forever home after a sad start to life. He was found hiding in a building on a construction site when he was only a few months old. I found him in Khalifa City in Abu Dhabi when I was feeding some cats there. It was quite cold and there was pouring rain because it was during the winter months then, too. He was cold and scared and we had no idea where he came from. His mother and family were not nearby, so we took him in as he was all alone.

He slowly found his confidence in his first foster home, which was in Abu Dhabi. The family had four children and he happily played with them, his best cat friend and the resident dog. But, unfortunately, he had to leave that foster as they were travelling, so Travis and his friend lived in a store room at my place for a year, because nobody offered to foster or adopt them and I didn’t have any other space.

They then went to live with a lovely woman in Ras Al Khaimah last summer, where they were happy, playful and loved. Sadly, his best cat friend died recently of kidney failure, so he is now lonely and looking for his forever home as his foster mum left the UAE in December, 2017.

He went into boarding at a pet store in Dubai, where he stayed till January 8. He is currently with another foster family in Dubai.

He would love another cat pal to play with or would even be happy in a lively home where he can play and chase his toy mice. He loves people and will come for cuddles, but is not a lap cat. He is usually too busy playing! He has always been an indoor cat, so it would be better if someone living in an apartment took him home. He is two and half years old and is neutered, microchipped and vaccinated. There are no outstanding bills that need to be settled and he is all ready to be moved. He is a quiet cat, very loving, but would be better without young children. Travis really deserves another chance at a happy life.

— The reader is the founder of Sandy Paws, an animal welfare organisation based in Abu Dhabi.