I have a complaint against Dubai Islamic Bank (DIB). I have heard about fraudulent transactions, which are done through credit and debit cards. Now I am a victim of that.

When I checked my bank statement, there was a transaction of Dh736, which I haven’t made. It occurred on my debit card on June 15. I don’t know how people can use my card illegally.

From Ms Laiby Francis


The management of DIB responds:

Dubai Islamic Bank (DIB) would like to confirm that its customer support team has been informed about Ms Francis’s situation. Unfortunately, despite several attempts to contact the customer, we were unsuccessful in doing so.

However, after investigating the incident, we are pleased to confirm that the issue has now been resolved and Ms Francis’s account was credited with Dh736. We look forward to helping Ms Francis in any other way we can.

At DIB, our ‘Customer First’ approach is an integral component of how we function and we are committed to doing everything we can to resolve the concerns or complaints of our customers.

Ms Francis responds:

The issue is resolved.

(Process initiation: July 9. Response from organisation: July 29. Reader confirmation: July 31.)

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